Saturday, November 17, 2007 two front teeth***

***this entry has been added to. I need therapy. If you can correctly identify WHICH items I added - you need therapy.

It's more than a little possible that this is both tacky and a serious social faux pas, but...I'm willing to live with that. Take it as an interesting insight into me and my tastes.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is not meant to elicit feelings of guilt and/or obligation on anyone's part (other than who drew my name for Christmas! ha) to buy me a present. I'm just lazy and think it'll be easier to blog my Wish List. Also note - this is a WISH list. I have no false notions that someone will be giving me a new iPod this year, or that I desperately NEED any of these things. It's just an assortment of things I would enjoy.
P.S. - my mama asked me to rank these in some fashion, so if you see a :) that means I really like that one...

College Student Budget ($0-$20)
I love Amy Sedaris, and I think this book of hers on hospitality looks very entertaining, and full of excellent advice, such as filling your medicine cabinet with marbles to bust nosey guests. And where did she get that apron? :)

I have an obsession with nightshirts (and PJ's - see below). Who knows why.
This one from Old Navy is fun but I like almost any - although I draw the line at housecoat or sheer and clingy. Anything in between will do nicely.

Can you ever go wrong with Chocolate?
We don't have a See's in CO which is really depressing.
The YUMMIEST ever are Mocha's and Bordeaux's.

A really good cookbook. :)

A friend recommended William's Sonoma which sounded good to me.

Little more ($20-$50)

Apron's from Anthropologie
Not necessarily this certain one. I just like their aprons.

For those sad mornings when my eye bags could hold entire golf balls, I would love an eye mask, like this one from Sephora.
I give up on this picture - just search at sephora.
Coach Business Card Holder :)
Note - only buy these at an outlet. Not worth it for full price.

Croc's (MJ's)

I really have no idea what color I would want - they just look comfy and not quite as hideous as the regular ones. It'd be interesting to see what someone else would pick for me (size 7).

Not for the unemployed ($50-$100)

J.Crew turtleneck sweater
I have fantasies about owning a sweater this color.

(royal violet XL)

I also have fantasies about owning a silver purse (I know; strange fantasies for a girl to have). And you will never believe this, but I actually like a purse under $100 (on sale but whatever)! The brand is The Sak, found on Endless.


Pajamas. If I was allowed to work in pajamas, I truly would.

I love these from Garnet Hill (the ones on the chair).

(Pink Cherry Blossom XL)

Ammon has finally convinced me that flannel sheets are a winter must-have. I keep sneaking out and sleeping in our guest bed (which has them), so I think it might be a boon to our marriage to get a set of kings. Any will do, but Garnet Hill has fun ones. Call me nuts, but I like the orange.


Pipe Dream (ummm, let's not discuss)

GPS :):):):)

This is more a "necessary act of goodwill to all men" than a "wish". Anyone that has had the misfortune to cross my path while I'm on the phone, putting on eyeliner, and looking for street names while trying to drive will agree. And if I'm being truly candid and self deprecating, I'll have to admit that not only am I an extreme and unrepentant multitasker, but I have also have an even poorer sense of direction than Idgie (the dog) does.

Perhaps we could start a GPS For Micaela Fund For The Benefit Of All Colorado Residents.


I already own an iPod (circa 2004), so it may seem a wee materialistic to have one on my list. In my defense, I will tell you that it is getting tiresome having to hook it up to my portable hamster in a wheel everytime I want to listen to a song without a charger. That is one sad battery. Also, everytime I turn it on (after the requisite 4 minutes of contemplating whether it's going to obey or not), I have to remind it that I speak English. It thinks I'm Chinese, or, it wants me to be.

And since we're dreaming....almost anything in a little blue box.

I especially like these earrings and this necklace (with an M engraved on it). I like the idea of a necklace I could wear everyday. Sorry for the wonky pictures - I haven't figured out how to trick the Tiffany's website into letting me copy normal images.


In Doubt, or just Lazy (any and all dollar amounts accepted):

Can't beat a Gift Card (Nordstrom's cards are the MOST coveted):)

I can always find something I love at any of these places:

Sunday, November 04, 2007

My celebrity look-alikes...

Hmmm...methinks this doesn't work quite as well as one might hope. Behold:


Thursday, November 01, 2007

A whole passle of pictures

I've thinking about all the clever and witty stories I could write about each of these pictures, but as I continue to wait for inspiration to strike, more things happen, more pics are taken, I'm getting really behind, yadayadayada.

So, this is a grand summary in photos of everything interesting we've done in the last month. Or four?

(sidenote - Grandpa Dean and Grandma Passiko visited this month...or...sometime around then, and somehow I don't have a single picture! I don't know how that happened. But it was great to see them!)

I really have no clue what is going on here, but I thought it looked pretty funny. Is she licking the bucket? Sniffing it? How does one understand the workings of a toddler's mind?

Lucy and Addy discover the front window.

Now this is a dog who enjoys her privacy.

Our trip to Seattle (September)

Addy had a fabulous time at the airport, and mom and dad had a fabulous time on the plane - a miracle considering the 2 hour flight delay (yeah Benadryl!).

Darling new little nephew, Bowen. A very large bed for a very tiny person.

Yeeeeee! Haircuts at Tammy's! (I think that was the sound she was making)

Arctic Willow and dad Kevin

Baby Sumo - Sam (mom Neoma) vs. Willow (mom Carol). A tough call.

Addy and her friend Noah on the way to the Aquarium. Binki's (bikini's?) and holding hands. Aaaaah young love.

And, October...

Ammon the master builder made this fun swing for Addy that she adores. You can't see her face, but she is saying "Yeeeeeeee!!" again.

This is what happens when Daddy's stay home and Mommy's go to work: Ketchup.

Grandma Faye and Grandpa Hugh made the trek from UT - at the Butterfly Pavilion.

My cherubic child.

Addy learned how to fly like a butterfly (sting like a bee? OK that was unforgivably bad).


At the ward trunk-or-treat. How sensible! Rather than hauling a heavy bucket around for miles in the dark freezing your tuckus off, you just take candy out of everyone's parked car. Genius!


Ammon would like to point out that the purple silly straw in his mouth is actually a proboscis. Alrighty.

This reminds me of all our family pictures - there's always at least one kid crying. Addy is here with her friends Ella the baby chick, and Kyla a.k.a. Pebbles.

Wild pumpkin carving. Sklyer is demonstrating in the photo below what Crapo Pumpkin carving is all about:

The Sawzall.

"What in the name of all things living are these??"

The end result: a masterful job by all.

Ammon decided to freeze his tuckus off anyway because we definitely didn't have enough candy. Addy is still a little alarmed about what's going on here, but apparently she got the hang of it.

I think she liked Halloween, no?