Sunday, April 22, 2007

My mind a vacuum - there is nothing here to sustain life.

My lands. Things must be in sorry state for me to be blogging after such an unnecessary hiatus, and at such an hour. For me, only bad things happen after 11pm, especially when I've taken 2 Ambien this time to try and knock out the beast (i.e. me). The bad things that could happe are either baby waking for who knows why and for how long, or my SUDDEN INSATIABLE DESIRE TO BUY...LAMPSHADES KITCHEN WALL HANGINGS BABY HATS AND A CASE FOR MY IPOD SHUFFLE! It mattereth not, as long as I purchase.
If someone is awake out there, please come and shut off my power if I start wandering over to Ebay. Only death and mayhem awaits at Ebay. Seriously the site is like crack. I logged in yesterday morning to see about some good deals on sensible heels, and not 24 hours later, I literally have in my watch list everything from an anthropologie lampshade, to some used jeans, to 3 more purses I don't need, the list goes on. The only SHOES I have on there I should have are 3.5 inch pink heels by Kate Spade, which although not sensible per se, are OXYGEN.

On to other newsies. So, I have finally been relinqueshed from the hell called Lionbridge and I get to QUIT on Wed!! Hooray for me!! Although I am having to give up the wondrous joy that comes from wearing whatever you want and looking like you just tied one on for a 3 day stint at work...I've decided there are more important things than dressing like Axl Rose at work. Hmmm. Perhaps Axl is a bad example. For one, my lips (or anyone else's that belongs to the human race) are not that large. And I tend to avoid tying really long ugly scarves to my headset (duh - we don't use microphones at work). So who is a better example...hmmm...something like a cross between John Cusack in Say Anything mixed in with some the skater guy in Clueless with a dash of Carrie Bradshaw to even things out. Are you getting a clear image? Bygones. There are better things than getting to dress like this, such as...not being yelled at by mean and cranky old ladies who need to retire, or logging in everything to make for darn sure that those files get out blah blah blah...this is even boring me.
Either way, my whole world is about to shift again and it is back to high heels and pricey purses baby! I'm going back into banking, but this time for US Bank (the horror!!) and in SALES. Da Da Duuuuuuuuuuuuuun. It's not quite as bad as it sounds - mostly just excessive amounts of schmoozing/slobbering/salivating all over our clients. Fun Times! But, it does me free reign to buy nice clothes/shoes/purses/accessories because we certainly don't want me to embarass the bank by having a *gasp* purse from the Fossil outlet. And of course there is the minor detail that I don't fit into any of my old cutey cute banking clothes. The purses you of course don't grow out of, but I sold all those to pay for...something else. I don't remember. Anyway, even my shoes don't fit anymore (Darn you Adeline! I will get you someday for this!).

So what I'd love to hear are the great deals, the new looks, the fab styles you have all encountered. Plus, your opinion on the Kate Spade shoes: Too much?

Or how about this purse - also too much? I pretty much know the answer here.
I think this one looks much more sensible, but perhaps a touch boring?

But this could be loads of fun.

On to what you really want to see..more Addy pictures. Because I know that my child is the focal point of everyone else's universe in addition to mine. These are from Easter and her 1st bday party.

I'll have many more pictures to post later. As soon as I can find the bloody camera.