Monday, December 17, 2007

Funny ha-ha or Funny Sad? You be the judge.

Lately, it's been way too easy to get all in a dither and let myself get caught up in everyday stresses. I was thinking about this the other day and then it occurred to me how many HILARIOUS things happen to me on a daily (well usually) basis. Thank heavens there are things to laugh at. Here are a few that happened recently:

1. I was at a friends house (*cough* Diana), and her 18 mth old daughter honked me. HONKED. If you don't know what that means, does it help to know that she followed it up by saying "boob!"? I know Diana was a TINY bit embarassed, but it was beyond hysterical.

The culprit trying to look innocent:

2. While getting her diaper changed the other day, Addy grabbed one of the wipes, wiped her little bum, and then....blew her nose with the same one (luckily it was a non-poopy one). Right concept, wrong application. Ahh my precocious little nugget.

3. I was feeling really proud of myself for how smoooothly my virtual garage sale on eBay went, until I learned that I had sent a pair of Banana Republic women's pants to the guy in Michigan who bought the book "Next", and his book to the woman in Florida who was expecting pants. They were both very confused, but luckily very gracious. Gads. I need a nap.

4. Ammon built a "SnowMom" in the backyard, at least 7 feet high, that had an extra set of , that a snowMAN usually doesn't have. It was especially funny when the neighbor's giant dog decided to come over and christen her "leg".

5. Ammon has become a Stay At Home Dad for now, which is not hilarious at first blush, until you see what Addy looks like by the end of each day (still in PJ's, hair all gummed up with something nasty, etc.). On this particular day, she decided that peanut butter is the new black and her bear needed an overhaul, especially around the eyes.

Just a few other random photos...

Adeline has also decided that boots are a must have for this season:

This is what happens in our house if you are bad - the hair cops come to town and make you look ridiculous:

My little elf

This is not funny ha ha, but it looked really cool - Ammon took this out our upstairs bathroom window. These things are beautiful, but they also look like death on a stick.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

100 Factoids - Round 2 DONE!

After reading so many of these, it's fun to see some of the reasons why you are friends with people. I KNOW Marie and I are friends because we both hate Appleby's. =) Anyway, I've been writing things down over the last few days...let's see if I can come up with 100.

1. I have a serious phobia of ear wax.

2. I have a very large scar on my left thigh from a coffee spill when I was 2.

3. Someday I'd really like to write a book.

4. One of my all time favorite movies is Independence Day. Mock if you must, but I stand by it.

5. My hair has been my personal plague all my life.

6. I love winter. But only when it's cold.

7. I ADORE making lists.

8. I do my makeup in the car, including liquid eyeliner.

9. I am SO a night person.

10. I love my feet.

11. I am always looking forward to the “next big event” (marriage, kids, trip, etc.), sometimes at the expense of the present.

12. I don't mind cleaning toilets, but I HATE doing the dishes.

13. I have always secretly wished I was an actress or a singer. Sometimes I think about what I would wear on a red carpet.

14. I could eat cookies all day, everyday. And then cake. Mmmmm bakery cake.

15. I am not photogenic.

16. I wish I were smarter.

17. I love funny people. If you aren't funny at all, I'd probably rather not talk to you.

18. I LOVE to travel. My greatest wish is to travel somewhere new every year.

19. I have green eyes, but most people call them hazel. It bugs me.

20. I think my husband is the only person I know that 100% “gets” me.

21. My life has been forever changed by DVR.

22. I have been engaged twice and proposed to three times.

23. I still adore Erasure - their's was the first concert I went to, and went to 2 more times.

24. I am a sweat-er. Not a sweater. A sweat-er. I sweat a lot when I’m nervous.

25. I adore flip-flops and hoodies.

26. I hate it when people add an “H” to my name. (Michaela instead of Micaela). You’d be surprised how many utility companies/catalogs/banks take it upon themselves to “fix” the spelling of my name.

27. I am a shop-a-holic. And a make-up-a-holic.

28. There is no sweeter sound in the world than my daughter’s voice.

29. My favorite thing in the world is to buy presents for other people. It’s fun figuring out the perfect gift.

30. Watching inane TV is my greatest relaxation.

31. I cannot get through a day without Diet Coke. I prefer fountain with fresh limes (The Cheesecake Factory’s is the best), but I’ll take what I can get.

32. I am very impulsive, but in both good and bad ways.

33. When I was pregnant, I ordered a CASE of Hostess orange cupcakes online.

34. I like the way I feel when I exercise, but I hate actually doing it.

35. I love hydrangeas.

36. I have more speeding tickets and accidents than anyone I know.

37. I really really miss first kisses.

38. I have had the same ATM pin for 10 years.

39. I once broke my coccyx trestle jumping.

40. I could surf eBay for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours.

41. I can pretty safely say that I will never (again) live in Utah.

42. Celery is the dumbest fake vegetable. It has no right to exist.

43. When I was pregnant, I threw up so hard I wet my pants, on many occasions and in many locations.

44. I cannot stand it when people can't spell or use poor grammar.

45. The sight or smell of beets make me sick.

46. I start looking foward to Christmas in about July.

47. I love playing card games with my family. It's hilarious.

48. I am a sympathetic cryer.

49. I am a shoes and purses snob.

50. I hate the words sneakers, soda, and nostril. I know there are more...

51. I miss being at least semi athletic.

52. I love it when my house is clean and organized, but lately we're just shooting for sanitary.

53. I'd like to own a goat someday.

54. My feelings get hurt really easily.

55. I desperately want more kids, but the thought of being pregnant again is beyond terrifying.

56. Sometimes I still have dreams about old boyfriends and wake up feeling a little nostalgic.

57. I like to think I'm a good friend.

58. I can eat an entire canister of Pik-Niks in one sitting.

59. I'm not as 100% honest as I would like to be.

60. For the most part, I think I have pretty good taste, just...generally.

61. I hate Appleby's. HATE.

62. Cats + Me = Not a pretty picture.

63. I never go to bed when I should (note the time).

64. It drives me BANANAS when people don't have good bathroom etiquette.

65. I love my friends. I miss my old friends, I love my new ones. I could not make it through life without friends.

66. I think my mom, my dad, and Ammon are 3 of the smartest people I know.

67. Nutella and pretzels is probably what Adam and Eve ate in the Garden before they got kicked out.

68. I have a very addictive personality. It's a good thing I'm LDS.

69. I am a bit of an intellectual snob. I don't understand people that don't read or THINK.

70. Tofu is only good in fruit smoothies, and MAYBE in Phad Thai. But that's it.

71. Ankle boots are the modern version of The Emperor's New Clothes.

72. I am a very vivid dreamer, and I almost always remember them the next day (ask me!).

73. Target and Costco are my two favorite places to shop.

74. I am a chronic insomniac.

75. I like calendars.

76. I enjoy shopping for absolutely anything.

77. I have not finished my freshman year of college scrapbooks.

78. I am a big procrastinator.

79. I pierced my upper ear on my mission.

80. I gave my brother a swirly once.

81. Other than my hair, my skin has been my lifelong plague. No one should have acne at 31!

82. I would do a lot for a Cafe Rio Salad.

83. It drives me nuts when people express politcal views from the pulpit. Not the forum, people!

84. It also drives me nuts when people assume that if you are a Mormon, you are a Republican, or should be.

85. I must have been scarred in my formative years, because I get oddly attached to friends and feel jealous of other friendships they have. It's a problem that probably needs therapy.

86. Popcorn might be my all time favorite food.

87. I really want to be a SAHM, but I worry that once it happens, I'll go nuts.

88. It weirds me out a little bit that my bishop is younger than me.

89. I spent one summer in Alaska working at a fishing resort.

90. I secretly listen to Fergie.

91. In high school, I was voted Most Outgoing.

92. I am secretly a home-bodied introvert.

93. I always overcommit myself and then want to cancel later.

93. The Outback's Sinful Sundae is the best dessert anywhere. Delish.

94. I wish I knew what my "calling" was. Some specific trait or skill. I'm a little envious of those who sing or do photography or are brilliant professors.

95. I am stressed right now about singing in church on Sunday (not ready/congested).

96. I'm so excited for Addy to actually "get" her first Christmas. Last year was basically lost on her.

97. I eat cereal for dinner a lot. That sounds really good...

98. I have the cutest, funniest child imaginable.

99. My husband is the bestest ever because he lets me make him a daily chores list (while he is SAHD), and he actually does it, and like that I give him the direction! Bless him.

100. I love people and I love to hear all about other people. So take this as your invitation to make a 100 factoids list.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Virtual Garage Sale

Most of you know of my intense love affair with eBay. I've decided that the time has come to take our relationship to the next level and online garage sale. I know, it's a big step.
If you get bored, or would like a voyeuristic view into the life of the Crapo's, take a gander. Be warned - I'm looking over my list, and there is some seriously random stuff in there.
My Seller ID is: addysmom06. If you do an advanced search, you can search by seller name. Or, click here: But that would be too easy.
Have no fear - I won't be offended if you don't bid on anything.

**Note - No, I will not make you pay shipping in you live within 15 miles of me. =) I MIGHT even personally deliver it to you. Would things sell better if I offered fresh cookies too?

Saturday, November 17, 2007 two front teeth***

***this entry has been added to. I need therapy. If you can correctly identify WHICH items I added - you need therapy.

It's more than a little possible that this is both tacky and a serious social faux pas, but...I'm willing to live with that. Take it as an interesting insight into me and my tastes.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is not meant to elicit feelings of guilt and/or obligation on anyone's part (other than who drew my name for Christmas! ha) to buy me a present. I'm just lazy and think it'll be easier to blog my Wish List. Also note - this is a WISH list. I have no false notions that someone will be giving me a new iPod this year, or that I desperately NEED any of these things. It's just an assortment of things I would enjoy.
P.S. - my mama asked me to rank these in some fashion, so if you see a :) that means I really like that one...

College Student Budget ($0-$20)
I love Amy Sedaris, and I think this book of hers on hospitality looks very entertaining, and full of excellent advice, such as filling your medicine cabinet with marbles to bust nosey guests. And where did she get that apron? :)

I have an obsession with nightshirts (and PJ's - see below). Who knows why.
This one from Old Navy is fun but I like almost any - although I draw the line at housecoat or sheer and clingy. Anything in between will do nicely.

Can you ever go wrong with Chocolate?
We don't have a See's in CO which is really depressing.
The YUMMIEST ever are Mocha's and Bordeaux's.

A really good cookbook. :)

A friend recommended William's Sonoma which sounded good to me.

Little more ($20-$50)

Apron's from Anthropologie
Not necessarily this certain one. I just like their aprons.

For those sad mornings when my eye bags could hold entire golf balls, I would love an eye mask, like this one from Sephora.
I give up on this picture - just search at sephora.
Coach Business Card Holder :)
Note - only buy these at an outlet. Not worth it for full price.

Croc's (MJ's)

I really have no idea what color I would want - they just look comfy and not quite as hideous as the regular ones. It'd be interesting to see what someone else would pick for me (size 7).

Not for the unemployed ($50-$100)

J.Crew turtleneck sweater
I have fantasies about owning a sweater this color.

(royal violet XL)

I also have fantasies about owning a silver purse (I know; strange fantasies for a girl to have). And you will never believe this, but I actually like a purse under $100 (on sale but whatever)! The brand is The Sak, found on Endless.


Pajamas. If I was allowed to work in pajamas, I truly would.

I love these from Garnet Hill (the ones on the chair).

(Pink Cherry Blossom XL)

Ammon has finally convinced me that flannel sheets are a winter must-have. I keep sneaking out and sleeping in our guest bed (which has them), so I think it might be a boon to our marriage to get a set of kings. Any will do, but Garnet Hill has fun ones. Call me nuts, but I like the orange.


Pipe Dream (ummm, let's not discuss)

GPS :):):):)

This is more a "necessary act of goodwill to all men" than a "wish". Anyone that has had the misfortune to cross my path while I'm on the phone, putting on eyeliner, and looking for street names while trying to drive will agree. And if I'm being truly candid and self deprecating, I'll have to admit that not only am I an extreme and unrepentant multitasker, but I have also have an even poorer sense of direction than Idgie (the dog) does.

Perhaps we could start a GPS For Micaela Fund For The Benefit Of All Colorado Residents.


I already own an iPod (circa 2004), so it may seem a wee materialistic to have one on my list. In my defense, I will tell you that it is getting tiresome having to hook it up to my portable hamster in a wheel everytime I want to listen to a song without a charger. That is one sad battery. Also, everytime I turn it on (after the requisite 4 minutes of contemplating whether it's going to obey or not), I have to remind it that I speak English. It thinks I'm Chinese, or, it wants me to be.

And since we're dreaming....almost anything in a little blue box.

I especially like these earrings and this necklace (with an M engraved on it). I like the idea of a necklace I could wear everyday. Sorry for the wonky pictures - I haven't figured out how to trick the Tiffany's website into letting me copy normal images.


In Doubt, or just Lazy (any and all dollar amounts accepted):

Can't beat a Gift Card (Nordstrom's cards are the MOST coveted):)

I can always find something I love at any of these places:

Sunday, November 04, 2007

My celebrity look-alikes...

Hmmm...methinks this doesn't work quite as well as one might hope. Behold:


Thursday, November 01, 2007

A whole passle of pictures

I've thinking about all the clever and witty stories I could write about each of these pictures, but as I continue to wait for inspiration to strike, more things happen, more pics are taken, I'm getting really behind, yadayadayada.

So, this is a grand summary in photos of everything interesting we've done in the last month. Or four?

(sidenote - Grandpa Dean and Grandma Passiko visited this month...or...sometime around then, and somehow I don't have a single picture! I don't know how that happened. But it was great to see them!)

I really have no clue what is going on here, but I thought it looked pretty funny. Is she licking the bucket? Sniffing it? How does one understand the workings of a toddler's mind?

Lucy and Addy discover the front window.

Now this is a dog who enjoys her privacy.

Our trip to Seattle (September)

Addy had a fabulous time at the airport, and mom and dad had a fabulous time on the plane - a miracle considering the 2 hour flight delay (yeah Benadryl!).

Darling new little nephew, Bowen. A very large bed for a very tiny person.

Yeeeeee! Haircuts at Tammy's! (I think that was the sound she was making)

Arctic Willow and dad Kevin

Baby Sumo - Sam (mom Neoma) vs. Willow (mom Carol). A tough call.

Addy and her friend Noah on the way to the Aquarium. Binki's (bikini's?) and holding hands. Aaaaah young love.

And, October...

Ammon the master builder made this fun swing for Addy that she adores. You can't see her face, but she is saying "Yeeeeeeee!!" again.

This is what happens when Daddy's stay home and Mommy's go to work: Ketchup.

Grandma Faye and Grandpa Hugh made the trek from UT - at the Butterfly Pavilion.

My cherubic child.

Addy learned how to fly like a butterfly (sting like a bee? OK that was unforgivably bad).


At the ward trunk-or-treat. How sensible! Rather than hauling a heavy bucket around for miles in the dark freezing your tuckus off, you just take candy out of everyone's parked car. Genius!


Ammon would like to point out that the purple silly straw in his mouth is actually a proboscis. Alrighty.

This reminds me of all our family pictures - there's always at least one kid crying. Addy is here with her friends Ella the baby chick, and Kyla a.k.a. Pebbles.

Wild pumpkin carving. Sklyer is demonstrating in the photo below what Crapo Pumpkin carving is all about:

The Sawzall.

"What in the name of all things living are these??"

The end result: a masterful job by all.

Ammon decided to freeze his tuckus off anyway because we definitely didn't have enough candy. Addy is still a little alarmed about what's going on here, but apparently she got the hang of it.

I think she liked Halloween, no?