Saturday, June 13, 2009


I am having the WORST attack of nostalgia tonight!! I don't know where this is coming from - the fact that I'm still getting very little sleep (see previous post), or that it's summer, or what, but all of the sudden, I REALLY miss my college life. Does anyone else go through this, or is it just me? Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my family and my life. But you know. It's just different.

So, humor me and read my list of things I miss most about college life:

  1. I miss sleeping in and missing my 8, or 9, or 10 o'clock class.
  2. I miss eating in the cafeteria and watching my friend Amber laugh so hard that pudding came out of her nose.
  3. I miss walking across campus, feeling so awesome and cool because I am a COLLEGE student and I have places to be and things to do.
  4. I miss having Cassy have to walk 3 miles to my boyfriend's house at 2am because she was locked out.
  5. I miss rollerblading in Provo Canyon.
  6. I miss Janiece yelling at me to get off the phone.
  7. I miss Janiece and Jessica fighting.
  8. I miss singing at the top of my lungs in a car full of girls.
  9. I miss hiking Orderville Canyon with Janiece and Jamie, and sleeping on the church lawn, and getting the sprinklers turned on at 4 am.
  10. I miss rolling out of bed at noon to find Diana in the kitchen, having just rolled out of bed too.
  11. I miss watering our garden in the middle of the night.
  12. I miss that Outdoor Rec class I took during winter where I puked on a hike.
  13. I miss getting asked out on a date by PETE my super duper dream guy.
  14. I miss fighting and making up with my BFF Steve Bugby.
  15. I miss spending the night outside temple square to get tickets for the solemn assembly.
  16. I miss having our own Academy Awards with Brigham.
  17. I miss lipstick wars with Jeff and Shannon in the day room.
  18. Sorry, Ammon - but I also miss first kisses. Especially ones that happened unexpectedly, or in odd places.
  19. I miss Diana's couch.
  20. I miss going to classes and being SO excited by something I was learning.
  21. I miss all the great spiritual experiences I had in college.
  22. I miss running around the HFAC after it had closed.
  23. I miss BYU mint brownies.
  24. I miss Movies 8.
  25. I miss cramming for a test hours before and then getting an A anyway.
  26. I miss having my sister as my roommate and having her laugh at all the little daily things.
  27. I miss falling asleep in the library.
  28. I miss Janiece and Jessica's cooking.
  29. I miss running into people I knew on campus.
  30. I miss yelling at my roommates upstairs to shut up.
  31. I miss awesome Utah snow.
  32. I miss all the freaking delicious food there was to eat around campus.
  33. I miss coming home from class, popping in a movie for 20 mins and eating cottage cheese with saltines.
  34. I miss cute old Dr. Scoresby and Dr. Robinson's classes.
  35. I miss talking all night with friends and wondering if we'll ever get married. =)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I didn't want to do this post prematurely, lest you all witness "Falling Off the Wagon - Part Deux", but I think we've passed the danger zone...

You read right...I am free from drugs!!! I have officially gone 11 days with no Ambien!!!! Eleven!! I'M CURED!!!! I know this may seem like no big thang, but this is HUGE for me, and I must say, I am a proud little chicken right now. After having had to take a sleeping pill every night for just over three years now, I am mightily impressed with myself at being able to quit.

Amidst all my self congratulations, I must, however, be honest and admit that the impetus for this decision was not exclusively due to on my own indomitable self will. More like, the will of my doctor not being willing to refill my prescription and not being able to go back and see said doctor for a new one. But WHO CARES??? I am free, I am free and I don't care who knows it!!!!

Of course, I have been really tired and have been consuming vast (even for me) quantities of the DC - but all before 3pm.

***Brief but necessary shout out to DC: I love you. I could not live without you. You are my rock and my sweet, sweet nectar. You give me strength when I want to hide under the couch cushions. You give me tantalizing deliciousness when I need something to keep me from the brownies. And thank you, Ronald McDonald, for making the most mouth watering blend of Diet Coke known to man or beast.

Moving on. Sleep-wise, it's been a rough 11 days. Some nights I've not gotten to sleep until 4 or 5 am - last night it was about 1am which is a very big improvement. It's been challenging to say the least, but I'm really relieved. I starting to feel like a real person again.

Here are some of the Pro's of being off the goods:

  1. I've learned that I can actually deal with less sleep than I thought I could (good to know if I ever have a baby that only nurses).
  2. What they say about exercise really is true - it makes you sleep better. So hopefully one of the pro's will be a butt like Jessica Biel's. Or not.
  3. Ability to remember the next day what happened on that show we watched the previous night. And to remember fact that I actually did watch said show. Or even remember that I watched TV.
  4. No more random orders of Super Slim Shapers showing up in my mailbox from too much late night drugged up infomercial watching. Although - that was only in the beginning (see #2 below - the fun stuff wears off), and it was kind of fun anyway. And I LOVE my Super Slim Shaper.
  5. No more nighttime Nutella binges.

Cons of being off the goods:

  1. No more nighttime Nutella binges, or at least no legitimate excuses for having nighttime Nutella binges.
  2. Less nighttime fun for Ammon. The goods made me slightly more....amorous. Although that was really just in the beginning (see: Addy).
  3. No more using the "I can't get up in the night with Addy because I'll fall down the stairs" excuse. I actually did that once - it was only 2 stairs, but still.

Wow - I'm surprised those are the only cons I can think of. I sure loved my time on the drugs. Those were goooood times. But, it's time to move on. *Sniff*. So long, dear friend. You were a party in a pill and I will miss you and the delicious sleep I had while you were with me. Good heavens - isn't it a good thing I was raised LDS and never got into recreational drugs? That would not have been good.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Armon!

It's Ammon's 32nd birthday today (NOT 33rd like I told some of our friends - I am trying to prematurely age him)!!! So, in honor of Ammon, and because I didn't get the cute little book done I am still planning on making for him, I put together a little slideshow of Ammon's formative years. Enjoy!!!

I love you, my Mythical Unicorn (don't be's an inside joke)! Weeee! Happy Birthday!