Saturday, March 13, 2010

So it begins...

You know I must have something momentous to share if I'm actually taking the time to blog, and I do.......I'M PREGNANT!! I'm 9 weeks along right now, and the little nugget is due Oct 20.
As you can imagine, all possible emotions have made an appearance in the last few weeks since I found out, and most within the first 15 seconds: elation, joy, TERROR, excitement, HORRIFICATION (is this a word?), instant desire to be sick and to go baby shopping all at once.
If any of you have read back to the begininning annals of this blog (or have had had a conversation with me lasting more than 48 seconds), you already know that Pregnancy #1; aka The HORROR did not go so super smooth. In any possible way.
According to experts (so far anyway), chances are pretty darn good that Pregnancy #2 will be muuuuuuch better. So, say a little prayer for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (I'm hearing Kris and Meggan on backup there).

Anywho. Hear are my preliminary thoughts on Pregnance #2, aka PII:

1. The obvious. I promise not to give you a detailed list of every gross thing that has or will happen to my body. Suffice it to say: constant state of carsickness/I must have just had the bad shrimp x 24/7 = not such a perky girl.
2. Interesting twist here...I REALLY am trying to avoid being annoying pregnant girl that whines and moans incessantly, because frankly, I knew what I was getting myself into and that's just not fun for anyone to listen to. Except your husband. That's his job. The problemo lies in the bitter irony that if I Put On My Happy Face TOO much, then no one will feel sorry for me and offer to watch my kid/do my calling/bring me cottage cheese. Must persevere and find the balance!
3. The elusive hunt for the exact perfect right thing to eat at the exact right moment. I explained it this way to Ammon: it's sort of like believing that you can find the end of the know it's there, you can see where it ends! But every time you think you've found it...Poof! It was never there. It's as though all pregnant women (well, OK, me) believe that when you're feeling sick, there really IS that certain miracle food out there if you could just THINK OF IT!!!!! And if you think of, how quickly can you get there??????!!!!!!!!!!!!! The saddest part is that even if you think of it and manage to order it and get it in front of you, chances of it making all your dreams come true are nano-slim. I made this very mistake on Thurs night - I had a light shine down from heaven saying QDOBA!!!! So I hauled the fam over there, ordered the chicken taco salad (you women that have been pregnant already see my fatal error), took a bite.......and nothing. Worse than nothing. Blech. Note to self!!!!! DO NOT ORDER CHICKEN WHEN PREGNANT. IT ONLY SOUNDS GOOD IN THEORY.

1. If Addy is any indication (and I am praying my little heart out that she is) of how cute my next child could be, then we have obvious Pro #1.
2. I think that PI aka The HORROR did a real number on Ammon's psyche because the man has done a complete 180 since round 1. Seriously, he has done EVERYthing the last few weeks while I moan on the couch (I'm allowed at home, just not in public). He has been a superstar, a rockstar and all of the above.
3. The deliciously rare moment in the first trimester when you actually find the pot of gold - the perfect food at the perfect moment. Mine was several weeks ago in the form of a roast beef sandwich from Panera with horseradish. LLLLlllaaaaaaaa angels singing I just ate something divine!!!!! Ironically, I went back the next day to try and recreate the moment, and blech. It's go to be at the RIGHT TIME.

I'm sure more to come later. In the meantime, wish me luck!!!