Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999.

Good Morning and Happy New Year! Prince (or Prince the artist who was formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince) and I are happy to report that we have successfully entered a New Year, that I have a kleenex hanging out of my nose right now, and that I did NOT take an Ambien last night. Hurrah! Demons be gone!

It took me a couple hours to get to sleep, but once I finally did, I slept like a little Cherub. I did, however, have a wicked crazy dream that I was in love with my cousin, who was not actually my cousin but a combination of Paul Walker and an Elder I knew in the MTC, and that my dad went totally nuts because of the alien invasion and started chasing everyone around with a creme brulee torch. I am not making this up. Well, now we know that it was not the Ambien giving me the acid trip dreams. It is just my psyche, which I find even more alarming.
Ooooh Rolo's! I just found a stash of Christmas candy at my desk and I think I will have many Rolo's for breakfast.

On to the business at hand. I am a little late, as it is now Jan 6, but I think I am still within thelegitimate window of resolution making. I've thought long and hard for a good 12 minutes about this, and here is what I have come up with:
New Year's Resolutions:

1) Get off the crack (ambien)
2) Refrain from buying any more Coach purses - 27 is plenty (see picture of new perfect bag below)
3) Try and use your new treadmill at least twice in the new year
4) Do not get pregnant. Do not even consider getting pregnant. Do not let Ammon sleep in the same room.
5) Marry the cleaning lady (see explanation below)
6) Find a cure for ear wax (the most repellant substance in nature)

And I'm spent. That is plenty to do for one year.
Picture of new most perfect bag (by request). *Please note - this picture was pulled off eBay and does not do justice to the glory and wonder that is my new purse. OK, perhaps I am exaggerating a smidge since it is NOT able to julienne zuchini in addition to carrying all my junk. However, it does match everything which is almost as good.

Explanation to #5: I found the most blessed cleaning creature in existence a few weeks ago. I have never seen any establishment as clean as my house was. She didn't just do toilet paper points, she did toilet paper FLOWERS or was it a cactus? I'm not sure; I didn't even know such a possibility existed! Anyway, she is fabulous and SO CHEAP but after sitting down and doing our budget, we thought when faced with a choice between buying groceries and employing a cleaning lady, it was a struggle, but we went with the former. Solution = marry her, and then she can clean my house all the time! Although perhaps I should have Ammon marry her instead. I think she might be an illegal alien, so this would be a bonus for her too! Really, I wouldn't be exploiting her at all!

Addy update: she discovered a new noise this last week - lip smacking. It is very cute. She is trying so hard to crawl! Here are a few recent pics...

I've also included pictures of the dogs who are very embarassed of the outfits mom made them put on, and the ridiculous amount of snow we've had in the last few weeks. It was all great fun until I blithely and naively backed out of my driveway without looking at the 3 foot drift in my way and high centered myself.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And to all a good night.


Paige said...

You did produce one of the cutest babies on the planet! I won't come fighting.

carol said...

OMG i miss you! and I am sure I will miss your crack/ambien stories but I will persevere (spelling issues here)...anyway sounds like your are just as strange off of it. I never did get my ambien email ... sniff sniff.. lol. Thanks for the xmas card. y'all are too cute. oh and btw your picture to the most glorius bag is broken.