Monday, January 12, 2009

So long, doggles.

Note: I wrote this a few days ago - don't be afraid - I'm not still crying.

I have cried more times in the last week than I care to count! Not because I didn't get a subscription to People as requested for Christmas, but because we just shipped our dogs off to Seattle to have a new life. Hopefully, I'll have a new life too now - one free of allergies and dog poop in the backyard (or office) to clean up.

Thank heavens we have found the best possible home for our spastic beasts. Our good friends from Seattle, Trent & Celeste Lay, were brave enough to take them in. We shipped them off on New Year's Eve on United Cargo (and may I just say how weird it is to ship dogs?), they arrived intact and seem to be adjusting well to a new house, and a cat. Thank the stars! It makes this whole thing a lot easier to know they are in a great home.
I really miss them, but my asthma is slooooowly starting to get better, so I know this was the best thing to do. At least I get to visit them in Feb!

Things I will miss most about Idgie and Lucy (*sniff*):
1. Lucy curling up in my knee pit when I lie on the couch, and Idgie laying on my side. This always made for deliciously warm and snuggly TV sessions.
2. Lucy imitating a hoover and making herself gag from eating too fast.
3. Idgie jumping high enough to take bites out of Addy's 1st birthday cake, one small nibble at a time.
4. How they loved to do "den howls" with us if we let them.
5. How freaking fast they are! Especially running circles. Amazing.
6. Watching Idgie run from behind - she always looked a wee bit sideways, like her butt was just heavier on one side.
7. Dressing them up! They've been: hula dancers, 80's girls, pretty pretty princesses, Santa's, and tolerated (barely) a variety of coats, jackets, necklaces, and shirts. Yes, I am that cruel.
8. The way Idgie groans when she's comfortable.
9. The vomit noises that are not actually vomit that horrify everyone else, but make us die laughing.
10. How Idgie, the 10 lb wonder, has a bladder the size of Kansas reserved strictly for marking each and every bush we walk by.
11. Lucy "marking" anyone's neck that happened to be in any semi-recumbent position. Still one of the most bizarre but hilarious things I've ever seen.
12. How much they loved Addy and how much Addy loved them.
13. How utterly thrilled they were to see us everytime we came home. I really miss that.

I think I better NOT go see Marley & Me yet.


Cassy said...

Definitely the most weird and entertaining dogs I've ever known. How sad! But glad you're starting to feel better.

Erica said...

I was wondering if you had found a new home for them. I hope you can start to get better now. It really helps knowing that they are with a new good family.

The Crace's said...

probably a good idea about the movie. I cried through most of it. Dumb dogs!

Scrappycook said...

How sad! Cute dogs!

Celeste said...

Glad you finally posted this! I've been waiting! Glad you're feeling a little better. We're loving them.

Lindsay said...

I'm pasting this memoir in my journal. ode to the doggles

Kacey said...

Oh girlie! The doggies were giving you asthma?!? I'm so sorry. And the Lays took them in? I'm so glad you get to see them next month though. Hang in there!

Ashley said...

So, how is Addie handling all of this? What did you tell her? Was it traumatic for her too?