Saturday, June 13, 2009


I am having the WORST attack of nostalgia tonight!! I don't know where this is coming from - the fact that I'm still getting very little sleep (see previous post), or that it's summer, or what, but all of the sudden, I REALLY miss my college life. Does anyone else go through this, or is it just me? Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my family and my life. But you know. It's just different.

So, humor me and read my list of things I miss most about college life:

  1. I miss sleeping in and missing my 8, or 9, or 10 o'clock class.
  2. I miss eating in the cafeteria and watching my friend Amber laugh so hard that pudding came out of her nose.
  3. I miss walking across campus, feeling so awesome and cool because I am a COLLEGE student and I have places to be and things to do.
  4. I miss having Cassy have to walk 3 miles to my boyfriend's house at 2am because she was locked out.
  5. I miss rollerblading in Provo Canyon.
  6. I miss Janiece yelling at me to get off the phone.
  7. I miss Janiece and Jessica fighting.
  8. I miss singing at the top of my lungs in a car full of girls.
  9. I miss hiking Orderville Canyon with Janiece and Jamie, and sleeping on the church lawn, and getting the sprinklers turned on at 4 am.
  10. I miss rolling out of bed at noon to find Diana in the kitchen, having just rolled out of bed too.
  11. I miss watering our garden in the middle of the night.
  12. I miss that Outdoor Rec class I took during winter where I puked on a hike.
  13. I miss getting asked out on a date by PETE my super duper dream guy.
  14. I miss fighting and making up with my BFF Steve Bugby.
  15. I miss spending the night outside temple square to get tickets for the solemn assembly.
  16. I miss having our own Academy Awards with Brigham.
  17. I miss lipstick wars with Jeff and Shannon in the day room.
  18. Sorry, Ammon - but I also miss first kisses. Especially ones that happened unexpectedly, or in odd places.
  19. I miss Diana's couch.
  20. I miss going to classes and being SO excited by something I was learning.
  21. I miss all the great spiritual experiences I had in college.
  22. I miss running around the HFAC after it had closed.
  23. I miss BYU mint brownies.
  24. I miss Movies 8.
  25. I miss cramming for a test hours before and then getting an A anyway.
  26. I miss having my sister as my roommate and having her laugh at all the little daily things.
  27. I miss falling asleep in the library.
  28. I miss Janiece and Jessica's cooking.
  29. I miss running into people I knew on campus.
  30. I miss yelling at my roommates upstairs to shut up.
  31. I miss awesome Utah snow.
  32. I miss all the freaking delicious food there was to eat around campus.
  33. I miss coming home from class, popping in a movie for 20 mins and eating cottage cheese with saltines.
  34. I miss cute old Dr. Scoresby and Dr. Robinson's classes.
  35. I miss talking all night with friends and wondering if we'll ever get married. =)


Scrappycook said...

I think maybe you should elaborate on #4

Erica said...

Reading this and listening to Kris' stories makes me think that I really missed out on the 'college' life. I never had roommates or even went to one class on a college campus.

The Crace's said...

I miss roommates bringing home scary boys.

Cassy said...

I still eat cottage cheese with saltines, yum! And Mandy and I still reminisce regularly about BYU and how fun and carefree it was. sigh...

Mitchell Maddness said...

Loved catching up on your life on your blog. You've always been such a phenomenal writer, and you made me laugh. BTW - we love the Booty here at our house too!

Ashley said...

Cottage cheese and saltines?!? YUCK! :) I hear ya, though, on singing at the top of your lungs in the car! So fun! Ahhh, those were the days!

Diana Beck McCarty said...

I think you've kicked off some sort of nostalgia attack in me!

Brandi Raye Turner said...

i miss janiece and jessica's cooking too...and i just miss them!

Unknown said...

The Johnsons sisters miss you too!!!

jlj said...

so jessica and i were a little slow in reading this, but i want to add that i miss micaela and i staying up until all hours of the night to figure out and write down every single word to indigo girls hammer and a nail. it's just too easy now with that damn innerweb.