Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tell me why I don't like Mondays, I wanna shooooooot the whole day down

OK I am going to cry now because I just wrote a really long and delicious blog complete with pictures and links, and then I lost it because I just had to check my Paris Hilton link. Damn Paris!

Anyway, I wanted to sum up my first day of work for you because it was so....I don't even know how to describe it. I'll just give you a list of the day's achievements and you can decide for yourself:

  1. Spit large chunk of Cliff bar on new co-worker - excellent first impression
  2. Tripped over poorly hemmed pants in front of boss
  3. Started period - while sitting at boss's desk
  4. Developed at least 147 blisters, all the size of Alaska, preventing me from walking without looking like a hobbled chicken
  5. Broke my favorite nail (left hand ring finger. v. sad)

Not quite what I imagined when I thought of what my first day would be like - I had been going for more of a blindingly sparkly first impression - much like Glinda the Good Banker. Alas. Things can only improve no?

Notes on previous blog: I love the Target wardrobe idea, and it would work great if I wasn't shaped like a VERY SHORT BEACH BALL. Only long legged woodland creatures can put on cheap clothes and make them look like Dolce & Gabbana. It takes some seriously good tailoring to make this arse look classy and professional. Really though - Target doesn't have clothese for short squatties. Very few places do I am discovering.

I am also adding two new features to my blog: Favorite Item of the Day (could be anything at all) and Celebrity News Story that made me Chuckle with Glee

Favorite Item(s) of the Day:

Best Magazine ever

Everyone needs a yellow purse, says I!

Celebrity New Story that made me Chuckle with Glee:

WAY too easy.

45 nights in jail for Paris


Diana Beck McCarty said...

In Style, yes. Diet Coke, yes. Yellow purse, OH YES!

Anonymous said...

I like the purse...and of course the DC!

hee hee

Brandi Raye Turner said...

so, whenever I need a good laugh, i come check out your blog and it never ceases to have me rolling! i honestly don't know how you and jamie do it... both of your blogs are so cute. i seriously can't figure out how to do it!!

Micaela said...

Soooo...rickandbrandi...who are you, and how do you know me? =) And who is Jamie? I am so confused.

Brandi Raye Turner said...

Ok, so I haven't talked to you in YEARS but I found your blog through Jamie's and I had to tell you how much it always brightens my day! You absolutely crack me up, never fail... By the way, I'm Janiece and Jessica's old roommate, in case you have no clue who I am : )

Brandi Raye Turner said...

That's so funny... I didn't know I'd already left a comment and I didn't seen your response until just now. Maybe I didn't get to your blog through Jamie's (Brimhall), but if not hers, then I have no clue how I ended up here! I hope you don't mind my stopping by every once in a while. Between two babies under 2, being YW president, and working almost full time, surfing the web is about as much excitement as I get!!