Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cause we are living in a material world, and I am a Material Girl

Premature disclaimer: this is going to be a long and fruity blog that will give you much to ponder, so if you haven't already put your feet up with a bowl of pudding, you best take care of that now.

My friend Diana and I were talking the other night about what spastic spenders we are, and what kind of pyschological dysfunction this comes from. I love how she put it... "Iiiiii neeeeeeeed.........A SHRUB! andwehavetogogetitrighthtisminuteoritwon'tbetheexactoneiwantaaahhhhhh!" I laughed at her insanity because I have just the exact same cocktail of obsessive, impulsive, sheer and utter spastic spending going on. No two ways to say it. Do any of my other crazies out there do this? You suddenly feel that you've had direct revelation that you MUST buy a shrub (insert here whatever applies, i.e. purse/shoes/noodle ramen/20 tons of gravel?) and you MUST buy it NOOOOW. NOW! You feel like the couch gave you the ejector electric hiney shock and so you LEAP off the offending furniture and run willy nilly with your arms flailing about all the way (shouting Willy Nilly!!! Shrubs!!!) to the approriate store that will fulfill this deepest, darkest compulsion and when you find it you just start throwing credit cards at the scared check out lady - just let me have it!!! I MUST BUY!!! And if's she too slow, you may even leap over the checkout stand and grab that scanner from the IQ deficient being you were saddled with, because for the LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY IT IS NOT THAT HARD TO SCAN 18 wheelbarrows!!!!
Has anyone done this? Me neither. But it sounds like a heaping good time.
Speaking of shopping, I've been thinking that it would be fun to channel, or harness, if you will, all of "shopping energies" into something that may do something positive for a change instead of just ruining my credit score. So, I think I want to become a personal shopper. I really haven't the foggiest notion of how to attempt somethint like this, so I thought I would start with a few test runs.
What you and I, lovely reader, are going to do is set out on a little adventure I like to call "Letting Micaela Dress You: Akin to sticking hot pokers in your eyes, or to a warm bath with a sea salt scrub?"
So here is what I need from you! I need submissions of info about you and what you are looking for. I will then search high and low, hither and yon until I find what I think the best thing would be. Once I have found said item(s), I will then post what you asked for, etc. and then post my response, and everyone can provide a rating on whether or not I done good.
Sound fun? I think so!
So, you can send me a submission either via email or just comment on this blog and I'll see it.
Most of you that read this, I know pretty well. But. If there is some brave soul out there who I haven't met yet, I'll need a clear idea of your personality, likes/dislikes, a picture of you, favorite brands of whatever you're looking for (clothing or housewares or makeup). For everyone, I will of course need a clear idea of what your looking for and how you plan to use it, and a general price range.
I will shop for you for almost anything - furniture, makeup, cleanser, shoes, clothes, etc. Of course, you don't have to actually buy what I find for you - it will just be pics and links to websites that I'll give you. If at least 10 people submit, the winner (who I matched best) will get a FREE MAC LIPSTICK picked out for you, by me. Your secret shopper.
OK this was sort of a wild hair idea, but I think it could be fun.
Happy Submitting! Nighty nightcaps. I'm off to bed with Harry. Potter that is.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'm in the market for some nursing bras. But how much fun can that be to shop for?


Ashby said...

I would love for my dream house (since currently I don't own a freaking house) to be decorated. Preferably in all Pottery Barn, and price isn't an issue. away and decorate any room in the fake house!

Diana Beck McCarty said...

I've got a good one. Michigan in August--think hellfire hot, like 100% humidity, and mosquitos the size of your head. We're having a massive family dinner in an old family barn, yes the barn, on a working dairy farm. Outfit for mama and maybe even babe.

cassysboys said...

Dearest Personal Shopper,

Okay, So I want to move to a new house! Is it too much to ask? After living in a split level for 28 years haven't I served my time. After a leaky roof, three exploding washing machine endused (sp?) floods, holes in walls/doors/even the kitchen floor, two gigantic hairy dogs, a cat and 5 rats, not to mention all of the living, breathing wiggling creatures brought up from Lake Washington... 6 crayfish who lived awhile in the kitchen sink, and a nearly dead trout who lived in a swimming pool a week, one entire can of spilled paint, five children with the accompanying menagerie of neighborhood kiddos and friends, not to mention the various and sundry oddball people who found their way into our home to stay for a day or a couple of years, all of these exploding through the house constantly for most of those 28 years. Did I mention cars? Cars in garages, cars on the streets, cars in the driveway, cars on the side of the house, car parts in the kitchen, the office, the bedroom, endless cars. Trashed cars, crashed cars, cars being restored, cars waiting for parts, cars being used for parts. And the yard! I won't even begin on yardwork! I am beating back those plants as fast and as hard as I can. (Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT BUY THAT SHRUB! IT WILL TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE!)

So, I ask the ultimate question! Is it time yet? Is it too much to ask?

Sighing for bathrooms with real tile and double sinks, an actual walk-in closet, a little more style and a little less about some granite in the kitchen, or some new appliances in same room, sigh......

Ah yes...the temptation of the material world...I am in it's clutches!

Very hopefully, we went and looked at a gigantic home with a great design in the Arrowhead neighborhood. We knew the house has great "bones" 6 bedrooms 4 baths...count em, actual sidewalks (such luxury) fabulous established neighborhood with actual elegant and lovely yards in fact, the house with it's own lovely back yard with forest paths going down toward Lake Washington and meeting with the trails from the old monastery at St. Edwards. (Wouldn't those grandbabies go crazy!)

Problem? This family had raised 6 boys in this house for 20 years and the house is in much worse condition than even our own simple and humble little split. After housing 6 rowdy boys through their youth and adolescence it is pretty trashed. Way too big of a project for this aging girl. Sigh...Hopes yet again dashed!

Dearest Personal Shopper/Fairy Godmother/Benefactor...Whatever your title... Your assignment, should you choose to accept it...

Help me, oh great and wonderful personal, very personal shopper. Tell me when I have served my time!

Shauna said...

Hmm, very interesting. I don't know how you go about this either but it seems like something you would be good at. Ok I have a submission for you. In WA even when it's nice out you know it's going to rain on the weekend. So, most of my "nice" shirts are long sleeved. I need short sleeves that don't need to be layered (GA hot layers bad)Although I may make an exception for the truly adorable. A couple cute short sleeved dresses could also do the trick. Also, how do I look casual without looking frumpy but cute without being uncomfortable or overdone for a day of chore avoidance. Also, I LOVE your style (you know I need help) But- it is a bit expensive for me. I did check out the Boren website. Very cute! But I could get like a shirt every other month. Am I doomed to forever haunt the Target clearance rack? Or should I simply look sweaty on Sunday and frumpy in my "these are the short sleeve shirts I bought at the thrift store and 1/2 of them have stripes" shirts? Or do I need to suck it up a little (a very little)? I am truly curious to see what you come up with. Oh yeah, the challenge is ON!