Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I like to eat apples and bananas

No, actually, I just like to eat donuts. Let's see....who's child is this?

It's really hard to be mad at her for being such a mess when she looks so hilarious and cute. She looks very serious here because it took mom awhile before she just gave up and gave her the whole donut. Bad mommy!

Food has been a serious challenge in our house lately. I'm trying to be good and stop eating like a wild hyena, Addy will hardly eat anything, and both Ammon and I have given up cooking because we're too blasted tired to do anything beyond cereal. MAYBE some ramen on a good day.

SO. That being said, you'll understand why I caved and let Addy have the whole chocolate donut (that and the 2 yr old tantrums have begun - holy hannah something evil has possessed my child), and, why she ate ONLY THIS for dinner tonight:

I wish I were kidding. I tried an orange, a nummy hamburger, pretzels, juice, grape-nuts, etc. In the end, only using her little fingers as a scooper to have I swear a cup of some good old Heinz ketchup would make her happy. Please don't call CPS on me! I really am trying to be a good mom that encourages nutrition! =)

Addy 2 - Mom 0


Scrappycook said...

I believe you can count ketchup as a vegetable so you're in the clear!

Eldrberry Grove said...

Don't worry...the no eating phase disappears...now the tantrum stuff you might have to wait til she passes at least 3 ;)