Monday, March 03, 2008

Ohhhh chicken lips and lizard hips

These two pictures make me laugh so hard. Addy just looks so confused! This is sweet Ella who had a hat party with Addy on Oscar night.


So you know how I've been complaining since we moved here that the weather is insane? It was 75 at the zoo and I have a sweet little sunburn to prove it. 16 hours later, I woke up to SNOW on the ground, and the temperature gauge reading 20 degrees. EH? Do we live on the moon or what?

Addy and Daddy looking at the horsies/zebra's.

This is Adeline imitating the polar bear licking his chops. And yes, that is me doing the same. Sorry.

Sorry, Lindsay, but camels are seriously unattractive animals. And, not a little frightening. I swear to you one of them was absolultely staring right at me.

Here we are, having our staring contest.

Addy watching the penguins intently.

And the best part of zoo day: watching the other parents slowly clue in to the pair of otters that were "playing". "Wow, kids, look at that! Those otters are really having a good time...hmmm, that one really doesn't want to let go....ummmm.....OHHHHH......KIDS!!! We are going to see the polar bears now!!!" You could tell the ones that weren't quite ready for the "birds and the bees", or "playful otters" discussion.

Annnnnnnd in other news:

Addy's vocabulary is growing exponentially, probably thanks to the older kids she hangs out with during the week. My new favorites are "Happy Happy Day!", "Funny Mommy!", and "Poopy Doggies. No no no no no! Bad dog!". I love how she announces everything she's doing too. "I running!", or "I sit down" which usually sounds like she's saying something else.

She's also started talking along when we say prayers. It's very sweet. Random note - she just streaked naked down the hall post-bath cackling her head off. She must be my child. =) Have a great night!


Sassy Rachel said...

Love the post...the new words are so funny and she is a doll face!

Corinne said...

That is so cute. She is the cutest little thing.

Diana Beck McCarty said...

Super sweet pics. And, yes, we have totally bipolar weather here. Makes it hard to plan--winter hat and gloves, tank tops and sunscreen.

Eldrberry Grove said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun at the zoo! I can't wait for warm weather to come and STAY!

Ashley said...

That is too funny with the otters! :) Bummer you had to park so far away! One of my favorite things Addy says is "Myz". Everything is "myz" :)