Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One more reason I shouldn't work from home:

I have access to Blogger. And because I'm eating frosting straight out of the can with graham crackers.

Alright, so I wasn't officially tagged, but I liked this one...

Favorite movies you have to be "in the mood" for in order to enjoy:
1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2. Napoleon Dynamite

Favorite movies that make you laugh out loud no matter how many times you have watched them:
1. Bridget Jones' Diary
2. Best In Show

Your favorite "Guilty Pleasures":
1. Independence Day
2. Only You

Favorite movies you have seen so many times, you can recite all the lines:
1. The Princess Bride (although truly - what Mormon can't?)
2. Pride and Prejudice (long version)

Movies that "Opened your eyes."
1. The Mummy (just wanted to see if you were paying attention)
1. Hotel Rwanda or Shawshank Redemption
2. Schindler's List

Most Overrated
1. Atonement
2. Dr. Zhivago - maddening!!!

What were the last 2 movies you watched (my list doesn't include any from the endless slew of kids movies we watch):
1. Sunshine (the one about the sun)
2. Leatherheads

Favorite "smart" movies:
1. Good Will Hunting or The Spanish Prisoner
2. Lost in Translation

Your spouse's/significant other's favorites:
1. Gladiator
2. Beverly Hills Ninja

Your all time favorites:
1. Pride and Prejudice (5 hour version)
2. Lord of the Rings series

And I choose to tag.......oh heck. Whoever reads this. I think it's pretty telling to see what a person watches or reads *ahem* (Ammon).


Carli said...

I like your taste in movies. :) I can't wait to see Leatherheads!

Marie said...

I'm glad you did it, it's fun to see what movies seem to make it on EVERYONE'S list (Princess Bride, and Pride and Prejudice) Fun stuff!!!!