Wednesday, May 28, 2008

under pressure

May I just state that I am stressed? Not just your every day "Oh dang I forgot to buy milk and pay the phone bill" kind of stressed, but full on, all out, rash-inducing, zit-creating, 15 cookie-eating, obsessive picking, spontaneous crying, dog kicking (figuratively), overplucking and not sleeping STRESSED.

My shoulders are already tense from writing that. Oy.

Since you will no doubt ask, I am stressed because of the following:

1) Ammon has his 2nd Actuary exam (don't ask - just check this website: on Tues, June 3. Also his birthday. Poor guy - he should be the one writing this post.

2) Ammon got laid off (a blessing in that he has ample study time, a curse because, well duh: no job = no money)

3) I seem to have reached the end of my ability to tolerate boneheads (idiots/boobs/ nincompoops/nitwits/dolts - insert your favorite adjective) and work outside the home. Not that I wouldn't run across any as a stay at home mom, but my guess is that the interactions would be much less frequent. Especially since I won't technically report to one.

4) My house is a rat infested slime hole where cockroaches go to die. Perhaps that's an exaggeration but it feels that way. And I have a beloved friend coming to visit in less than 2 weeks, and I haven't the faintest idea when I'll have time to clean. Not that she would judge me, but you understand.

5) Addy has started the potty training process, which is great, but has one unpleasant side effect: post bath, she likes to run willy-nilly around the house like a little nudist, which is actually very charming and funny, until she decides to pee somewhere - usually in our bedroom (see #4). Apparently this is great fun and an endless source of entertainment.

I could go on, but you get the gist. Does a visual help? ME = see below.

I think maybe I will go read some Bloom County. Laughter is supposed to help stress, yes?


Erica said...

Good thing BUNKO is tomorrow night, it sounds like you need to get out of the house and just laugh and have a good time!!

Eldrberry Grove said...

Too bad it wasn't ok to throw back a few eh? ;) That would drown away your stress...or at least temporarily make you feel good, relaxed and forget your troubles.

Carol said...

Sounds like Addy learned a thing or two from Idgy, at least in the potty training department. I sincerely sympathise in the no money/appauling house department. Good luck.

Cassy said...

I love the shot of Bill the Cat - hilarious! And I hope all goes well for Ammon today. Lots of prayers and good luck wishes!