Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Lurkey!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We had a great Thanksgiving today thanks to the Stanworth's for hosting, the Brigg's for Turkey Debacle '08, and Shannon and Corinn for fattening pies. Ammon and I were both a little worried this year that we would be at home alone on T-Day, eating Hungry Man dinners, so we were grateful that Erica and Kris didn't mind us crashing the party. However, Ammon did earn his spot at the table as the MasterTurkey Carver - a very serious business.

My little Thanksgiving Turkey Love:

Corinn, I am so sorry but this picture is too good not to post. You like the rolls, no?
Ammon again at turkey carving and Kris...on a chair. I don't know what is happening here.
The kidlets (not giblets...kidlets) at their table.

I learned about a delightful tradition today that apparently only I was not aware of: fat dog. Defined as: the state of being when one has stuffed themselves so completely that they slump to the floor in a heap and lie there panting until enough square footage in the stomach has been cleared for the next round of fat dog. I have witnessed fat dog at enough family events (and private parties for that matter) to be very familiar with this state, and am pleased as punch to have a name to give it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I just need to pause for a moment and say how much I LOVE my child!!! Addy is currently in the Excessive Talking stage where she isn't happy unless she's yelling, chattering, singing, asking "why, Mom, WHY?", or berating the dogs. Each stage is adorable and fun in it's own way, but this one has been my favorite so far. Is there anything on the planet cuter than a little girl making up songs in the bathtub about her elbows and singing in her off-key little girl voice??? Certainly not!

Now, amidst all this mushy love blubbering, I will confess that occasionally the constancy of The Voice makes me want to stick my knitting needles in my ears just for some peace and quiet. But, the majority of the time it just makes me want to weep openly. Like when she says "Ohhhhhhh I'm sooooooo Beeeeeauuuuutiful!". Sigh.

So here are a few of my favorite Addyism's of late:
To me at morning wake up call (not my most attractive time of day):
"Your face is so, so pretty Mommy!"

Talking on her fake cell phone to who knows who:
"Hi. It's me! Addy Cwapo!"

And my two most recent personal favorites.....(***please note - we do NOT talk about male body parts all day long at our house. Don't ask me where she got this).

To Ammon:
"Hi Daddy. How's your p----s?"

While standing on the couch the other day...mind you...there was no TV on or anything else happening that could have possibly inspired this thought:
"OH NO!!! I don't have a p----s!!!"

Thank heavens for that! Once she had that out in the open, she promptly moved on the something else. Where in the living heck to they come up with this stuff???

This little video was taken tonight in the car while they were waiting for me at Hobby Lobby, the little gems. In case you can't hear, she says something like "A, B, C, D, Grandma's...I did it!!!".

And a couple cute the park with her friends (Ella, Addy, Kyla, Sydney), and on the North Pole Express today with Kyla. Mind you - they are riding the North Pole Express while it's 70 degrees out. Gads.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is it just me, or is this dress super freakin' cute? (for Addy)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So, it's that time of year again for me. Time to clean out my closets and hidden corners, earn a little extra Christmas money, and spend a ridiculous but completely legitimate amount of time on eBay....with my annual Virtual Garage Sale on eBay!

I'm only about 1/3 of the way through stuff I want to post, so feel free to kill time at work and check back!
My seller ID is addysmom06 (I know - terribly creative). Or you can just find me here.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I want candy...

OK, it's official. I SUCK at Candyland. Not only did I get beaten 3 times tonight by my husband, but I also got waxed by a 2 year old! What a totally dumb game. Bah!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You better too!!!

I was going to say who (whom?? gads I hate that one) I voted for, but out of respect for my home that I don't want T.P.'d, I think I'll keep quiet. And I'm pretty sure that just gave it away. OK - the cat is out of the bag. I voted for Obama. Go ahead and get out your eggs! =)

Alright. I think I've been pretty good this election season and kept fairly quiet about my political views, but it's election day (my favorite day of the year other than Christmas!) and I just have to air my thoughts. Rest assured, I have absolutely no intention of debating candidates or policies or Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

I have to begin by saying that after experiencing my first Presidential election in CO, I am astounded and a little disappointed by how utterly one-sided this race has been, at least here in our little neck of the woods. I am literally the only person I know within 10 square miles that voted for Obama. There was one other guy that was going to, but even he changed his mind at the last minute! LOL. Granted, we really do live on the outskirts of the wilderness here, so it shouldn't be too surprising. OK, but seriously!!! How does this happen???? Coming from Seattle, you'd think I'd be used to seeing partisan politics (albeit on the other side of the coin), but I've never seen anything like this.

On a personal note, I'm also surprised at how isolated this has made me feel. There has been plenty of good natured ribbing, which I SO don't mind and think is fun, but even so, it's depressing that I have to call someone 3 states away to find a similar point of view. It also makes "political debates" a joke, because it kind of sucks being the only person on one side of an argument.

Now let me clarify - this doesn't mean that I am secretly deriding and ridiculing anyone who voted for McCain (that would mean my entire social circle so that would be silly). Ammon and I have never voted for the same candidate, but I've always respected his opinion because he reads and thinks and discusses and THEN votes. Novel idea! How can I argue with his decision when he has perfectly legitimate reasons for making it? The point is, I think anyone that votes for McCain with valid reasons makes a wise decision, and the same for Obama. What I can't stand is partisan politics, and assumptions about political affiliation based solely on demographics. Does the fact that I am a white, mid 30's, Mormon, stay-at-home-mom automatically make me a Republican? Of course not.
My single biggest irritation during this election has been comments made by people who assumed that, of course, I'd be voting for McCain. I'm surprised by some of the offensive, ridiculous, and extreme things I've heard people say before they knew I wasn't part of the club. I think it's a particular type of arrogance to assume that everyone you know must think the same way, because it is so clearly just a question of right and wrong.
What gives anyone the idea that there is one right answer in any political discussion? That because we share religious beliefs that automatically translates into politics as well?
First of all, don't assume you know someone's political views. If the leaders of our church don't publicly endorse a certain candidate, then we probably shouldn't either. At least my friends that tease me know my views and are respectful. Besides, I think it helps open the topic up for discussion.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH!hhhhhHH!!!!!!! Ammon keeps interrupting me saying "Did you vote yet for EVIL GENIUS???" I'm going to strangle him!!!!!!!!!!

Gads I am blathering now, and starting to foam at the mouth. Perhaps that's my cue to stop? lol.

OK, off the soapbox. Whomever (whoever??) you voted for, Happy Returns!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wonder Woman sure loves her friend Ella!