Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Lurkey!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We had a great Thanksgiving today thanks to the Stanworth's for hosting, the Brigg's for Turkey Debacle '08, and Shannon and Corinn for fattening pies. Ammon and I were both a little worried this year that we would be at home alone on T-Day, eating Hungry Man dinners, so we were grateful that Erica and Kris didn't mind us crashing the party. However, Ammon did earn his spot at the table as the MasterTurkey Carver - a very serious business.

My little Thanksgiving Turkey Love:

Corinn, I am so sorry but this picture is too good not to post. You like the rolls, no?
Ammon again at turkey carving and Kris...on a chair. I don't know what is happening here.
The kidlets (not giblets...kidlets) at their table.

I learned about a delightful tradition today that apparently only I was not aware of: fat dog. Defined as: the state of being when one has stuffed themselves so completely that they slump to the floor in a heap and lie there panting until enough square footage in the stomach has been cleared for the next round of fat dog. I have witnessed fat dog at enough family events (and private parties for that matter) to be very familiar with this state, and am pleased as punch to have a name to give it.


alison said...

looks like a great day.
i too am glad to know the description 'fat dog' b/c for the longest time my family just said 'being grandpa'--but that's kinda hard to explain outside family circles.

Kris said...

So I wasn't just standing on a chair with my big butt for all see. I was carefully retrieving the fancy "koolaid" pitchers from the top cupboard...'member?

Hee was good times. So glad "fat dog" is being adopted by so many.

Erica said...

Thanks so much for coming!! It was a bunch of fun!!!