Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Micaela's Favorite Things

So last year, I put together a pretty lengthy Christmas Wish List. A friend of mine told me a couple days ago to do it again this year, because, and I quote "I can't think of anything I want for Christmas". Good heavens, really??? How is that even possible? How can you not think of a single dingle thing you want? I want everything, which is probably the source of all my problems. Heh.
This list also serves a dual purpose, since it is my goal in life to rival Oprah in any way possible. Keep in mind that, like Oprah's list, this is a FANTASY wish list - at least to us plebians.
So Erica, here's to you - hopefully this will inspire you.

Sarah McLachlan just came out with a best of CD called Closer. Granted, I'll just get this at the library as soon as it comes our way, but whatever. I love Sarah.
I have a weird obsession with puffer vests. I realize that this is not the most flattering look for someone with my particular build, but that hasn't deterred me yet.

A GPS. Left over from last year's list. The driving world would thank you.

Oh yes...a gift card from Home Depot so we can actually finish our fence. And the downstairs bathroom. And build a dog door.

I love monograms/initials, and I LOVE these giant ones from Anthropologie.
See's. Duh. Specifically milk chocolate butter, milk bordeaux, and butterscotch squares.

Trish McEvoy Mascara. Bar none, the BEST mascara in the world!!! I'm in love, I'm in LOVE and I don't care who knows it!!!!
A new computer. Ammon's died a couple months ago (good heavens - what hasn't died in the last year for us?? The toaster. I think that's it). And my family would be so happy if we joined the world of the Mac.

I really, really need a new jacket/coat, because Miss Brilliantine here has lost not one, but TWO in the last year. But, I can't find one I like, so it will have to wait. However...I do have a few I'm looking at on eBay, so maybe a gift card to eBay? Heaven knows the list of things I can find to buy there are endless.

Grapefruit Bubble Bath by Philosophy although any good bubble bath will do.

New Bedding so I can put away all our random mismatched blankets.

And this fabulous door mat from (where else?) Pottery Barn.

The Fug Awards. A book from my favorite blog that mercilessly mocks celebrities in hideous clothes? Sign me up!!! By the way... Fug = Frightfully Ugly. If you don't believe me, check out GFY's FAQ's

I adore Rings. These are all from Sundance.

Brown Riding Boots - I love these by Boden...

There are few things in life I love more than a granny nightgown.

And since our camera is currently held together with a paperclip, I think it's more than reasonable that I put a new one on this list. Nothing fancy shmancy, just something that can capture both red and black and doesn't require basic office supplies to function.

A trifle bowl! Everybody loves a good trifle! And who doesn't love Pampered Chef?

Wouldn't a webcam be fun? Then everyone I chat with can see what I look like at midnight with face mask, curlers, and teeth whitener! **note - not a nightly occurence. Yes, I admit it. I love all things celebrity (see The Fug Awards above). I am DYING to know what Kevin's side of the story is and what the twins are doing now and how much Botox Nicole has really had and why Paris and Benji broke up and why Rob's hair looks like it has a nesting bird in it. These are things I must know!! So, I would love a subscription to People.

I'm sure I'll think of at least 15 more things later today, so maybe I'll publish a MFT list Vol. 2. Feel free to let me know if you have suggestions. Oh, and by the way, a new car and Heidi Klum's body are not on this list because that's just a given.


Erica said...

LOVE it- thanks!! Although there are several things on your list that I already have. Have you ever tried Kissme mascara? That is what I use- and I love it.

alison said...

What a fun list! There are so many things on there that I would love to have as well.

Melissa said...

Micaela, you crack me up! I love your list, that bedding and rug are heavenly! Sundance has fantastic jewelry. And don't you need a license in order to benefit from a GPS? Hope Santa is good and delivers on some of your wish items!

Ashley said...

That's a dang good list. I like those rings too! If you got a webcam, then we can both laugh at each other late at night with all of our "beauty secrets" at work :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great the Sundance rings! And Trish really does have the best mascara!!!!