Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Party is Over.

So, Ammon went back to school today after being off for almost a month. A month! You can really get settled into a new version of your life in a month. Having him tell me to pull out my earplugs today at 6:30am was PAINFUL. As was realizing I was out of Diet Coke with no car (have no fear, we walked to the gas station a few blocks away).

Anyway, we had a great time having him home even if we didn't do anything more exciting than go to the Rec Ctr. Emmett had his first pool experience, which he seemed to like and was pretty cute until he threw up in the pool. Ah well. That's what chlorine is for, no? We got TONS of projects done, which has made me feel a little more organized and a little less tense. Having an almost daily nap helped too. =)

I realized today that I have given almost no updates on Emmett! He is 8 1/2 months old now and such a squishy love!!!! I want to just eat him up all the time. He is squealing to himself in his exersaucer right now, and it is so adorable. He is eating all his unappetizing-looking "solids" with great gusto, and thinks it's really funny when he sneezes and sprays peas all over Mommy's face.
He LOVES his sister and thinks she is hilarious. He giggles and goos every time he sees her, and she is so sweet with him. Is there anything more precious than seeing your children love each other? He rolls pretty well now, but still can't sit on his own because the child has no butt and an enormous belly. This doesn't make for good balancing.
He really is a delightful and easygoing baby. We are quite lucky. Don't get me wrong...he has his opinions and is not afraid to share them, but most of the time he is fabulous.
These pics are totally out of order and I'm too lazy to sort them:

Emmett on Easter Sunday, and enjoying some green beans last week.

Addy snuggling Emmett around Christmastime (hence the blanket), and one of Emmett's finer moments:

This was during one of the days I was teaching preschool in Jan/Feb.
Getting a little Vitamin D time over the winter.

Enjoying some more green beans. Or peas.


Jen said...

Can I pinch those cheeks? They're just asking for it!

Kris said...

I gotta say, he is one cute little patootie! Yes, you must blog more darlin...I miss your exquisite prose.

Ashley said...

LOL- oh Micaela! I love how you capture/describe life! I love little Emmett- he is sooo squishy!

Carol said...

Argh! I need to meet that baby!

Course Correction said...

Great photos! Glad you posted them.