Saturday, December 01, 2007

Virtual Garage Sale

Most of you know of my intense love affair with eBay. I've decided that the time has come to take our relationship to the next level and online garage sale. I know, it's a big step.
If you get bored, or would like a voyeuristic view into the life of the Crapo's, take a gander. Be warned - I'm looking over my list, and there is some seriously random stuff in there.
My Seller ID is: addysmom06. If you do an advanced search, you can search by seller name. Or, click here: But that would be too easy.
Have no fear - I won't be offended if you don't bid on anything.

**Note - No, I will not make you pay shipping in you live within 15 miles of me. =) I MIGHT even personally deliver it to you. Would things sell better if I offered fresh cookies too?


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Wow- you're so high tech. I'm impressed! If i buy something, do i have to pay shipping, or can i just run over and pick it up?!? :)

Cassy said...

I love those black shoes! Excellent idea for a little extra Christmas cash.

Celeste said...

I thought your cookies never turned out well. Did you figure out a good trick? Mine never turn out now!