Monday, August 13, 2007

Ode To My Red Shoes

O red shoes, my lovely red shoes
Before I owned you, what did I do?
You make me look stylish even when I feel fat
You make me feel happy when I want to say "Drat!"
My black pants are boring when you are not there
I love you so much, I might buy a spare
You are shiny and cute, more fun than a pap
You even have a reversible strap
My friend Marie has a pair of you too
But if someone else does I'll definitely sue
If I ever lost you, my soul would be bruised
Here's to you, my lovely red shoes


Anonymous said...

These are the loveliest shoes I've ever bought. I love them too. They spice up any outfit.

Jewels said...

I keep wishing I'd bought them that day too- I went back to get a pair and they were all gone :(

You have much prettier feet than I do, though. They just didn't look as good on me!

p.s. Yay, Nordstrom

Diana Beck McCarty said...

So cute! Every girl should own a pair of red shoes.