Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Looking for Dracula...I'm not afraid!!

Perhaps I am a tad premature, but I've decided it is imperative that I decide RIGHT NOW what Addy is going to be this year for Halloween.

To refresh your memories, this is what she wore last year. And yes, I realize there are two costumes. I have issues.

So. Please vote on your fave costume on the right side of the blog. I will be taking your opinions under serious consideration, so please be sure to ponder as long as necssary. The following are the nominees, but feel free to suggest your own:

Miss Bee
I have matching Baby Legs in yellow and black stripes that really make me want to do this one. Because frankly, when else will she have a need to wear bee-striped leggings?

Pink Dronkey (Donkgon?) - see Shrek

Dumbo!! I adore the ears.


My idea was to have Ammon be Jabba the Hut, and I would be Princess Leia chained to him. Addy could be R2d2. Oddly enough, Ammon was not hip on this plan, and then of course there is the problem of the gold bikini. No one needs to see that.

My little peanut. Corny? Perhaps.

(I should have said Nutty - that would have thrown you all into a tizzy of hilarity)

And of course, Yoda. Too cruel?

Of all things....a Peep

I think this one definitely wins for originality, and we do have a history of alternately stuffing our faces with Peeps and lightning them on fire. Both activites are equally fun. I don't care what anyone says - Peeps are DELICIOUS.


Anonymous said...

I hate Peeps myself, but I love, love the costume. That's my vote

Christian said...

Yoda! Of course

cassysboys said...

"I'm bringin home a baby...." How can I decide?!! Probably between the Peeps and the Bumblebee

Carli said...

polls were closed when I looked, but my vote is miss bee. too cute!