Thursday, October 25, 2007

Assistance, please.

OK, enough already. I am WAY past being a 29 year old toddler. I need a new blog name and I have absolutely zero creative ideas at this point, so your suggestions would be wildly appreciated.
And for the LOVE will someone PLEASE put me out of my misery and teach me how to make a cute personalized blog with fun pictures and/or cute craftiness? I am begging you. Please have mercy. If I change my own blog background one more time into another boring template I will stick a hot poker in my eye.
Thanks! =)


Erica said...

So my sister has a email that explains how to make your own template. But from the sounds of it, plan on it taking a bit of time. Or you can google free blogger templates and see what you can find there. Hopefully this helps some. If you want the email I can forward it to you.

Anonymous said...

It takes about 30 seconds. Call me and I can walk you through it!

Shauna said...

You're on your own with names. I have a blog all ready to go. I jsut can't think of a good name. blog. If I think of a good one -I'm keeping it.

Jewels said...

Here are my only 2 clever blog name ideas: Chick Chat, The In Crowd. If I have any more ideas I'll let you know. I also haven't checked to see if either is taken.

Lindsay said...

Micaera and Armon Crappo