Thursday, October 25, 2007


Here's a little fact I bet you didn't know about me: once in college, I fell asleep so hard at one of the little study cubes in the library (BYU), that I totally drooled all over myself and the desk, but...because I woke up with 30 seconds to get to class, I didn't notice that I had drool all over my face until the whole campus had too.

I'm having a day like that where I'm pretty sure I will start snoring with my eyes open any minute. Mama needs sleep! And, it certainly is NOT going to improve anytime soon because... Duh duh duuuuuh:
This coming Sunday, I have what I consider the perfect storm in church callings:

THE TRIFECTA OF DEATH. Namely, trying to successfully complete the following assignments all in one Sunday:
Speaking in Sacrament meeting (the mother of all horrifying and potentially image damaging experiences one can experience)
Singing in the Choir
Teaching Relief Society

These may not sound so terrible at first blush, but keep in mind that each task has to be performed without: oversharing due to nervousness/extra time to fill, teaching false doctrine, offending any member of the bishopric or geriatric set, and being sure not to let inappropriate stories run rampant in RS (not as easy as you may think).
Given my current stress level and lack of sleep, this may be a challenge.

Looking at this an entirely different way, I could decide that having all these assignments makes me a "triple threat girl". Woman. Sister. Whatever.

Wish me luck. And wish Ammon luck too - he has an interview tomorrow and on Tuesday so keep him in your prayers!


Becky said...

You are a triple-threat! That makes me really look forward to Sunday. I love how your personality shines through your lessons, not everyone can do that!

Shauna said...

Wow. That is a potential trifecta of death. I had a Sunday like that a few months back. I don't remember all the details. I think I blocked them out. I'm sure you'll do great!

The Crace's said...

You did awesome. Sorry for the background music during relief society...Owen grunting.

Ashley said...

If only ALL Sundays featured Micaela Crapo that much. I'm pretty sure attendance would go up in church. It gets me there! :) You're a wonderful speaker/teacher/singer.