Wednesday, January 02, 2008

10 non sequiturs


Nuts! I just accidentally bought some shoes on Ebay. I HATE it when I do that. I know - it seems impossible, but I managed to find a way to UNINTENTIONALLY buy things.

So I am getting ready for our 80's party on Saturday night - if you want to come, the invite is on Evite!!! I'm listening to my playlist right now..."She told me her name was Billie Jean as she crossed the scene".

I swear I've had more fun getting ready for this than I will at the actual party. I found this great picture of Gorbachev, and added my artistry to reflect the mood of the decade. Hopefully everyone knows this is tongue-in-cheek.
I need ideas for our book club next year. Suggestions? It needs to be very non-yucky and offensive. I'm already going to suggest The World Is Flat (an excellent read by the way - changed the way I am thinking about the election this year), but I want some others.

("What I know is that to me you look like you're having fun..")

I just bought myself a Captain Caveman mousepad. I can't wait for it to come. It made me wonder though if anyone else would find this amusing. I'm guessing not.

("C'mon feel the noise; girls rock your boys; we'll get wild, wild, wild.")


I am STILL thinking of things to put on my 100 factoids list. Ridiculous. I either need to get a life or stop being so self absorbed. I'll (of course) happily share them upon request.

("...and girls, they wanna have fu-hun")

Warning - political views forthcoming: I have no idea who I want to vote for this year. I think I've narrowed it down to four - and please no booing and hissing about Hillary. =) I know a lot of you think she's Satan, but I think that position has already been filled by, I don't know...Giuliani? kidding. I also think Ron Paul is kind of a weirdo, but don't tell my in-laws that. lol!

I'm surprised that I'm leaning towards Obama on the Democratic side. If I were to base my decision totally on looks, it would be between Edwards and Romney, although I think Romney edges out Edwards for the more "Presidential" look. Obama is a reasonably attractive guy but his voice is too deep. I wonder what criteria the majority of Americans use in making their voting decisions?

("Straight up now tell me do you wanna love me forever?")

If any of you are dying to know, the Christmas wish list worked like a charm. I received the following items from my list:

I wore the sweater on Sunday, and the chocolates were gone in about...2 hours (thanks Mom!). I traded the red Crocs in for silver ones (thanks Ammon!). The apron was a different one and looked a little silly on me due to a certain feature of my anatomy that got in the way, but I exchanged it for some other cool stuff at Anthropologie (thanks Christian!).

("Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand; just like that river flowing through the dusty land")

Someone needs to spank Ammon for not reading my blog more often. For shame, husband! =)

("Every time I think of you I feel a shot right through with a bolt of blue")

Addy was sooooo funny the other day - she put on my Uggs, but with the toes facing backward and tried tooling around the house. What a little love. This is her cute silver New Year's dress that I am so proud of myself for finding at a secondhand store (it's Gymboree), and yes, those are my legs in leggings in the background of the 2nd pic. I'm prepping for the 80's party, and they are darn comfortable.

("Iiiiiiiiiiiiii get weak, when you look at me: weak...")

I have wasted so much time today blogging when I should've been working. Bah. I'm really hungry.

("Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon")


Shauna said...

I believe that's "Straight up now tell me do you REALLY want to love me forever?" I'm jealous. I love your dance parties. Can I have your playlist? Can I, can I, huh. huh, pleeaasee? I am turning (deep breath) "old" next month and AJ is going to throw me a fabulous party. (Yes, he knows. I've already told him.) It does make me laugh a little though that you had a Christmas list, got what you wanted, and still exchanged stuff. Yep. Still laughing.

jlj said...

i know it's not Christmas any more, but i think that Last Christmas by Wham is a definite must. loves. jlj