Wednesday, July 09, 2008


OK, this is too funny. I was catching up on my blog reading and stumbled on a fun tag Peggy had done. Just so you know, I LOVE TAGS. I thought to myself "this looks like a fun tag, but no on actually tagged me to do it, but I really want to talk about myself, so I'll just do it anyway". Admit it - you have all had similar thoughts. Anyway, I kept reading and noticed at the bottom that Peggy actually DID tag me, so if I do this tag, I'm not a self-absorbed freak after all! Hurrah! Thanks Peg!

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?
1998... Let's see, I was on my mission until October and then went home. I got engaged a month after that which ended a month after that - all before 1999! I am an overachiever.

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list today.
1. Work for 8 hours - I think I've logged in 90 minutes?
2. Clean the house - work in progress
3. Marinate the chicken for our dinner guests - awww crap
4. Shower - check (yeah me!)
5. Exercise - later

*This is my own addition - things NOT on your list that you did today: rearranged the living room, read blogs, posted on blog, plucked my eyebrows, shopped eBay, read and talked to my sister. Very productive day.

3) What are some snacks that I enjoy?-
Oh my, this could be a very long answer.
-Diet Coke, although this is more of a food group for me than a snack.
-All time favorite - Nutella and pretzels
-Cereal, any kind
-Paradise Bakery cookies in CO, Specialties cookies in Seattle
-Soft cheese and crackers
-Pirate's Booty
-Pik-Niks (original). Honestly, these are like crack. Don't start!
-Graham crackers and canned frosting

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
First, I would pay off all debts and invest, oh I don't know....a lot. Then I would pay off all our immediate family's debt (houses/cars, etc.) buy each family a new house, and a car of their choice. Over the next several years (because traveling is tiring and you need breaks), I would visit ever single dingle place I've ever wanted to go, including, but not limited to:
Banff -Canada, Grand Canyon, Australia, Japan, Lake Powell, South Africa, Greece, India, New Zealand, Kenya, Chicago, Germany, Ireland, Jerusalem, Egypt, Austria, Moscow, Nepal, China, Peru....OK, you get the idea. I would travel. I would also take my whole family on an amazing vacation every year.
I would buy a home in Switzerland and maybe the South of France, an apt in NY, and a house overlooking Puget Sound and the Olympics in Seattle. I would get 3 cars (b/c more than that is excessive), laser hair removal, permanent teeth whitening and possibly liposuction. I would have lots more kids including several that I'd adopted, and 2 nannies. I would put a movie theater in my house and have a personal trainer and a chef. Once I reached a size 2 (OK 6), I would go ballistic and buy amazing clothes, and at least 20 ridiculous purses. And lots of jewelry - really cool pieces I could pass on to my kids.
I would setup some kind of scholarship fund for either young marrieds in college, or something like that. And I would drop anonymous baskets of food and money at people's houses that I knew needed it. I would find my own causes and donate lots of time and money to each. My kids would all be in private school and would learn at least 2 other languages. Oh and I forgot - I would have 10 dogs, a pool, tennis courts, and I would host a semi-annual girls week at my house for all my old girlfriends.
Holy hannah - time to stop. You get the picture.

5) Places I've lived.
I think I've answered this in a different tag - it's not a very exciting answer. WA, ID, UT, CO. How about foreign countries I've visited? Mexico, Canada, France, England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Belize, Honduras, is Grand Cayman a foreign country? I don't think so.

OK, I tag: anyone who wants to self disclose.


Anonymous said...

That is a great post!!!! You and I like so many of the same things...sometimes it scary!!!

Cassy said...

Happy Birthday old lady!!!!!!!!

Rochelle said...

What I love about you is your ability to dream BIG!! It is truly a gift! :) Happy, happy birthday!