Monday, September 15, 2008

" crud up in the kitchen..."

If you hadn't heard already, I QUIT MY JOB!!!! Today is my first official day in Stay-At-Home-Motherdom.
While being a SAHM is INFINITELY preferable to working full time at a job you don't give two snoots about, there are a few challenges.

Here is my first day (so far) in numbers:

3 - poopy diapers
1 - arrival of mom's "monthly fun"
0 - naps
1 - pee on the carpet
6 - loads of laundry done
3 - Diet Cokes consumed by mom
45 - mins of TV so far watched by child (not too bad I think)
68 - number of times I have said NO!
2 - max number of times I can listen to "Apples and Bananas"
1 - email responded to

I can just picture my sister laughing uproariously right now saying "I told you so!!!" in her evil old sister-y voice. Oh gads I need a nap.


alison said...

Congratulations!!! I know you've looked forward to this for so long. You've just hit the jackpot of a first day haven't you? :)

Sassy Rachel said...

Wahoo! Congrats, girl...congrats:) The fun has just begun:)

Cassy said...

Yes, I'm definitely laughing, but mostly at the 68 NOs - gotta love 2-year olds! And 6 loads of laundry? Very impressive!

Jen said...

Go Micaela!

Ashley said...

Welcome to "stay at home motherdom." Sounds like your average day- nothing to dramatic happening, phew! I've been thinking of you.

Julie Siegel said...

Hi Micaela. So I found your blog off your facebook page and now I'm totally blogstalking you. I think I may have read the whole way back a few nights ago when I couldn't sleep and I remember why we were friends when we were both going to Bear Creek. I think we may have the same mind! Anyway, just wanted to let you know you had a stalker now.

Carol said...

I was also most impressed by the 6 loads of laundry. I've been trying to get one load done all week, and mostly it hasn't happened because every time I think of it something else is going on. I guess I don't really think of it enough. However, this procrastination did put me on our family quote board today when Neoma found humor in the comment "Agh! I didn't do laundry today! Good thing I bought Willow a new shirt." (Yes, she really has 0 other clean ones.) Yay SAHMs!

Eldrberry Grove said...

Sounds like you're starting off your SAHM-dom with a bang. It can only get worse...I mean better from here. HA HA :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the fun!