Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Confessions of a... Dangerous mind? Mad Librarian? Wino?

In case you're wondering where the post title for today came from, just Google "confessions of a" and see what comes up. I'm not really a wino. Anymore.
Today is Wednesday Confessional Day, which I actually started 24 hours early last night at book club, but....since most of you weren't there, here are my True Confessions:

1) I am 100% addicted to Gossip Girl. Horrible, terrible, awful show with absolutely zero redeeming qualities, no moral values whatsoever, and a very skeevy guy named Chuck. And yet...I am addicted. I have even gone so far as to publicy lambast the trashfest that is Gossip Girl (at last month's book club) only to become sucked in by Satan's Show myself. I think I need an intervention. Luckily, I recently learned that I am not alone in my angst. Out of respect for her privacy, my fellow sufferer will remain nameless. Unless you bring me a Diet Coke. Then, I will tell all.

2) I drove to 3 separate fast food places at 8pm tonight in search of a Blizzard, or something like unto it. After 30 minutes and 15 miles, I now I have a serious case of heartburn. I think I totally deserve it.

3) My all time fave site has a sketchy name, but utterly hilarious content. This is where I go when I've given myself overindulgence heartburn or have a serious case of The Monday's (10 points if you got the Office Space reference). See for yourself. I think this time I may have actually laughed my face off.

This one is pretty good too:

4) Ammon opened his desk drawer last week to find not only a mouse, but MOUSE BABIES IN A NEST!!!!!! Ewwww!!!!! But the confession is that they were sort of freakishly cute and I actually shed a tear when he turned them out into the cold cold night.

5) Sometimes, I want a remote for my child, specifically one that has a mute button. We've entered the dreaded "Why Mom? But WHY? Whhhhyyyyyyy????" phase. Since I'm fresh out of kid mute buttons, I've considered inserting Q-tips on a permanent basis. I would do earplugs, but I'm still traumatized by a recent incident. I feel bad about these thoughts that I have, because it really is quite cute most of the time, especially in that adorable little girl voice. The same one that says "Pwwweeeeeeeease Mommy?" I'm a sucker for Pweese.

This is a kid who loves her swim lessons.

And her chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Chuck Bass. Love. BTW-no diet coke for you.

Scrappycook said...

Cannot comment on Gossip Girl - never seen it. However, I will admit my love for Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer - don't tell anyone.
Gofugyourself - HYSTERICAL. I am a devoted follower. These are my favorite posts.

alison said...

Love reading your blog!! you are too funny. :)