Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nothing like the smell of fresh poop in the morning

Sweet little Addy comes walking into my room this morning to wake me up...."Moooom. MOM! WAKE UP! MOOOOOOM!!!! Look at my hands!"

So, I comply and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Five tiny fingers all yucky and gross, covered in poop 1 inch from my nose.
OH yes she did. She did the dreaded Diaper Dive and then thought it would be an even more special experience if she woke me up with it. I looooooove staying at home!!!!!!!!!

Reason #2 I love being at home: Addy has given my cleavage a new name: My Pocket. Apparently, it's a pocket now that can hold all kinds of fun treasures, like food and jewelry, and last night, her sippy cup.

She decided she needed to put her sippy cup TO BED IN MY POCKET. I kid you not - she tucked it in there (very cold by the way), covered it up in her pig blanket, and patted it and told it "night night sippy!". ADORABLE!!! She makes me laugh SO HARD!! I love this kid!!
Addy learning to paint at her first Discovery Days. Thanks Diana!

Yes, that is dog food she's put on her plate. It's currently her favorite food. Oy.

This does not bode well. This is how we found her one day after a "nap".

Fireman Addy! Firewoman? Whatevs.

This is on my last day of work with a now former co-worker of mine, Tom. Tom was the only one in my office with young kids that could appreciate my fun but incessant Addy stories.


Kris said...

That is so hilarious. You are such a good writer. You crack me up...we need to hang out more.

Cassy said...

What a cutie-pie! Never a dull moment with 2-year olds. And your RS story was so funny I was grateful to be the only one in my office when I read it!

Scrappycook said...

Does every kid do this?! I remember going in to get Sophie from her crib after her nap and she had painted herself, the crib, the wall and all of the bedding with poo. I think it is ok to admit that I do not love being a Mommy on poo-art days.

Julie Siegel said...

Thanks for putting an end to one of my baby hungry phases :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Poop on the hands is one of my worst fears.

She is so FUNNY!

Eldrberry Grove said...

LOL! Just think of it this'll always be entertained and have original stories to share on your blog (which are so funny in themselves but you make them sound so much more hilarious with the way you tell them!)

Carol said...

I joined your club Micaela! Thankfully it was only a single-finger event and I had already gotten out of bed (just barely). It's fun to hear the horrors of motherhood so humorously described before I actually have to experience them myself. Thanks to this post I read so many months ago, it didn't take me too long to recover from the suprise and clean it up.