Wednesday, March 11, 2009


4 days without sleep, it turns out, is my max. I just couldn't take it. I know, I know, I am a big wuss with a drug problem, but I'm pretty okay with that. Besides - instead of feeling like I want to do this everywhere:

I look more like this (albeit slightly older):

**To clarify: this is supposed to be what wide eyed and perky looks like.

But have no fear friends, for I have a PLAN. Whenever we talked about the Plan of Salvation on my mission, either my companion or I would invariably say it in Hollywood dramatic style "THE PLAN". So anyway. My plan (in case you care), is that instead of letting myself stay up and get up at any time all willy nilly whenever I feel like it, I now have a bedtime and a wakeup time. It's like being 6 years old and in seminary all at the same time. Plus, instead of going from 5 mg of Ambien to zero, I'm going down to 2.5 mg first. That may be slightly less shocking to my system. And oh yes - I am locking the pantry after 9pm. So far, THE PLAN seems to be helping. We'll see.

And FYI - yes, I have tried hot baths/no baths/Melatonin/Valerian root/warm milk/cold milk/no food/lots of food/no Diet Coke/many Diet Cokes/reading to fall asleep/not doing anything in bed but sleep/nothing exciting after 10pm/exercise/keeping pen and paper by my get the idea. Being on Ambien is not for want of trying other things. I have, as my esteemed physician put it, serious sleep issues.


Ashley said...

I see one on your list you haven't tried. Whenever i can't sleep this is what i do. But you'll have to ask me in person what it is :)

Cassy said...

love the pics, hilarious!

Ashley said...

I love reading your blog, you are so darn funny. What you are going through sure isn't funny, but I can picutre you saying it, and you're so fun. I hope you are getting some sleep. I think you should do the owl quilt, and what another person said, accessorize it from other places. I've gotten so REALLY cute things from TJMaxx, and I know there are other places out there...that said, Pottery Barn does go on sale...wait for the sales??? Let me know what you decide! Are you still at home with Addy? Any changes with Ammon's work?