Saturday, March 07, 2009

I give, I give!!!

It is almost midnight-thirty here on Day 4 of my Ambien-Free-Sleep-or-Bust marathon, and I am literally inches away from throwing in the towel. Here's how things have gone so far:

Day 1: Went to bed around 2:30, and actually went to sleep reasonably fast, and stayed asleep. Happy Day.
Day 2: Not as happy. Went to bed around 1:30 - tossed around more or less all night long.
Day 3: Not happy. Went to bed about 1, probably fell asleep about 2:30. So tired.
Day 4: Very seriously unhappy. EXHAUSTED by 8pm - bleary/red eyes, cranky pants, yada yada, but just cannot lay down until 11 - right about the time I feel like I will either fall asleep on the stairs on the way to bed or in the bathroom sink while brushing my teeth. I laid in bed What is with my mind?? It just spins and spins and thinks about primary and what color to paint Addy's room and what the annual cost of my Ambien is and did I remember to pay the water bill, etc. (answers: blue, a lot, and no).
I just cannot figure out what happens between the brushing my teeth and crawling into bed that makes my brain think that THIS is the perfect time to solve the AIDS crisis in Africa. Argh!!!

The other thing weakening my resolve (besides the obvious crippling lack of sleep) is a little tidbit I heard today from a friend....that apparently you CAN have Ambien while you are pregnant. Her friend took it every day her entire pregnancy. Come again? Que? Pardon? Wat? Oh hells bells. Why am I putting myself through this agony again?
Note - I am NOT pregnant, but may at some point in the future be willing to put myself through that again, and when such a time comes, I had planned on NOT being an addict of any variety. Ah well. The best laid plans...


Diana Beck McCarty said...

One interesting thing about (at least the first part of) most pregnancies is that you're so totally and completely exhausted you could fall asleep instantly--anywhere, any time. You probably wouldn't even need it then.

alison said...

have you tried melatonin?

Lindsay said...

Who are you and where is my sister? :)

On another note, don't give in! Yes you can!

Celeste said...

That same mind whirling thing happens to me when I'm getting ready for bed. I sometimes just brush my teeth and take out my contacts right after dinner so when it's time for me to sleep I don't have my "thinking sessions". It usually works, but sometimes just the walk to my bedroom causes them.