Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dirty Diana...Ok she's not really dirty, but if there is a song with your name, I will use it.

I really should be working on my lesson for church on Sunday, but...I'm having writers block and shopping is more fun oh no I did not really mean that I am going to hell because I like shopping more than teaching aaaaahhhh!

OK because I am lazy, I am not organizing this in any fabulous way, but are my selections for Diana to go to a family reunion in a barn in August somewhere really hot.

I adore this top with every fiber of my being, and it would look super cute on Diana. If you are going for muy casual, you could do these cute little clam diggery's...
OR...snazz it up a titch with a skirt. No sense in going formal. Again, this is in a barn.
Or you could always do my favorite standby of white top/cute skirt.
I also adore this dress, however, there is no way to guesstimate how long the legs of the iron dress stand are, and whether this would be a touch slutty or not. V. sad. Because I think it's fab and would be HAWT. Damn Paris!

All of the above attire is from Anthropologie.

I will not attempt to explain why the following picture of the flip flops is so frigging huge. It does NOT mean I like them more than everything else. I simply have better things to do with my time than to dither about with jpeg sizes whatsyjiggies (translation: I am secretly a technophobe).

I think these flip flops, which are a smidge dressier than your typical Old Navy plastics, would go with any of the above outfits, and would be appropriate for an event held in...yes, a barn. In the middle of August. In...Florida? Somewhere sweaty.
Behold the glory of J.Crew:

Be warned - when you go to the J.Crew website, it starts singing to you. I was very confused and thought my neighbor was serenading me for a minute.

*Sidenote. Speaking of sweat... this stuff works like nobody's business. I highly recommend.

Back to shoes... If you're feeling wedgie (I didn't say you HAVE a wedgie), these are good fun:
As Marie would say, JS makes a cute pair of shoes (Jessica Simpson). To add a little color, I love these. Now whether they would go with all the above outfits is another story, but I still love them. Plus, not all of us have legs that are shaped quite right (i.e. does not have cankles) to wear ankle straps. Diana is one of these people who has lovely legs and would look quite good with all this ribbon going on - also because, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you've complained about your ankles being too skinny? If I'm mixing you up with someone else, deepest apologies. I think your ankles are lovely. Anyway, all the ribbon would hide any unflattering skinniness, if such skinniness exists.

Too cute, no? I could never wear these, so someone must buy. Plus, they are on sale. These are both from

OK I think that is quite enough for one day. Shauna...I haven't forgotten about you. Fashionable clothing at reasonable prices coming up! Did that sound like a Ross ad or what?

Oh, and Ashby...this would be my perfect room from the great PB:

I know, it's not a room, but oh man, wouldn't this be nice? My ultimate home decorating fantasy.


Diana Beck McCarty said...

love the ideas. thanks! Um, yes, it was me that complained of overly-thin ankles. My legs come to a point.

Shauna said...

Ha! You do sound like a Ross add. I was just starting to think hey- what about me did she forget me? But no. It's a hard challenge I know. I have been looking at the clothes you have been finding and they are so cute I can hardly stand it. But a lot of the prices well... I start to choke (inwardly of course sonce I am always a lady) I have no problem with Target. As you know I have found some rather cute items there. But- they don't change over inventory THAT fast and well, a girls gotta have more options. They do have theses PJ pants there right now thought that are the BEST THING EVER. I just went and bought pair #2&3 last night. Thought I had also gotten pair #4 and was very dissapointed that I had not (I'm very worried they are going to not have them anymore without any personal warning to me)Thanks for the remark about your lesson. I hadn't even thought about mine until you said that. It's not like I don't know tomorrow is Sunday. Whatever, I have issues.