Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh Shaaaauuunnnna Ohhh Shauuunnnna. Oh wait - that was Oh Donna.

Dedicated to Shauna: The Fashion Naysayer

OK Miss I Can't Find Anything Remotely Cute To Wear That Doesn't Cost As Much As Brain Transplant - this blog's for you.

Fashion Truth #1: Reasonably priced items do not necessarily = AWESOME.

Fashion Truth #2: AWESOME does not necessarily = first born child.

My rules: Unless I decide I will have an aneuryism if I don't buy that certain pair of shoes, I pretty much never buy anything full price. And let me tell you ...don't be intimidated by Nordstroms's, or Banana, or JCrew, or any other store you hold fantasies about going into because if you just keep going back, you will be rewarded. The trick here is frequency. See something you like...give it a few days...check back...maybe something else just got marked 70% off. And so on.

Ex# 1 I was mindlessly flipping through the sale racks at BR, when what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a fabulous pair of dress slacks that were normally $128 that were on sale for $34.98, and they were in petite! Bonus!

Ex #2

See this cute little number? This is for kids of course (this is a size 2 for girls). Beautiful lined party dress that regularly goes for $158. Would any of you pay that much for a party dress for a 2 year old? Not I. But, lucky me, this dress is on sale for $23.99, and so I promptly bought one. Even if I don't use it for Addy next summer, I could sell it on eBay for a smashing good deal.

OK, are you convinced that there is reasonably priced fashion outside of Target (I love Target as much as the next girl)? You may have to venture into the world of online shopping...but there are ways around shipping costs/returns, etc. Don't let it initimidate you, young padawan!

So, note that this is round one: T-shirts for hot Georgia sweatiness. Please also see last blog for sweaty recommendations. We can pick another theme later, but here you go...many cute tees for under $20.

Lucy gingko rib tee - new greed - $19.99

Gap 3/4 sleeve scoop neck henley - heather gray - $7.99

Lucy watercolor poppies tee - white - $19.99

J.Crew Tie-Dye Cotton Tee - in vivid lime - $15.99 I LOVE this shirt - I think it's super cute. May have to buy one for myself!!

Gap striped cap sleeve scoop neck T - orange - $7.99 - I may have to get one of these too.

I knew this wouldn't appeal to everyone, but just for fun, I had to throw in this J.Crew dress: reguarly priced at $138, now at $39.99. It would like utter pooh on me, so someone else needs to buy it. J.Crew Bermuda striped ruffled shirtdress - summer pink (also comes in navy).

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Diana Beck McCarty said...

um, yeah....I just bought TWO J Crew shirtdresses. Hello! stripe and the solid sherbet. This personal shopping thingy you've got goin' is somehow draining my account. and its only 8am!

Anonymous said...

I love that last JCrew dress...very cute!

Shauna said...

Yay Yay, cute stuff. I wouldn't say I'm a fashion naysayer. More like incompetent. But thanks to my lovely friends out there I'm oh so much better now since my "intervention" last year. That's some cute stuff you found. I think maybe that shirt dress would look like pooh on me too. But it sure is cute. I found a website I think you will like. I don't know how to add on the fancy pic or I would show you my favorites. They are stil too expensive- but cute. Then for some truly fabulous lounge wear go to Target and search under Gilligan O'malley. The lounge cropped pants is what yoiu are looking for. I have them in dark blue, black and green. I am seriously considering light blue and white. And you all know I am NOT that way. But they are so light weight, and they just swish swish on your legs in this ultra soft cotton. You have me searching for things too.
I have never bought anything at J.crew, and I don't remember hearing about Lucy before. Round one, well done.

Anonymous said...

Mic, I think you're very right about waiting for bargains. There are some great deals to be had on higher quality stuff if you're just patient!

Check out this cute dress for a steal:


Jewels said...

I'd like to remind everyone that the Nordstrom anniversary sale (this is the good one) begins July 20. This is bad news for me since it means I have to work in the store instead of at my cushy desk job, but good news for all you shoppers. Don't forget, you can shop online too!

All this shopping talk is giving me a headache :D

Ashley said...

Thank you for vocalizing that you can still shop at those great places (ie. BR, JCrew, Nordstrom)and still find great prices. Ever since I got married though, I have to admit that it's been rather hard for me to get in and really frequent those sales (for some reason, things always seem easier to buy when you're buying grocieries, household items, and what's a shirt on top of that?...Target/Costco/Walmart). But deep down, I really believe that you can shop and get really good quality and fashion (though I don't show it) at good prices. Case and point: Gymboree is having a great sale right now, up to 70% off...go check it out! Have I mentioned I haven't reached a point in shopping for far, Sara is the only one reaping the rewards here.