Friday, June 15, 2007

First Ever Personal Shopping Experience! (formal)

OK, here is my very first personal shopper find. Keep in mind that this dress is not intended for adult use - unless you are going to a 70's dance party and smoking a lot of weed. Or whatever drug was hip in the 70's.

How freaking cute would this be on a little love? My friend is going to a family reunion in a BARN, so I thought this would be cute for her little one who will be about 15 months by then. Adorable, no? I found this at Boden.

Still working on the outfit for mama, but we'll get there.

**Sidenote: it is 9pm and all I've eaten since noon is a bowl of cereal, half of which Addy ate anyway. And yet, I cannot stop shopping!!! Either I have found my calling, or I need therapy.


Diana Beck McCarty said...

So sweet! I didn't see a link to website for purchase. Where to buy?