Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Girl put your records on, tell me your favorite song...

soooooo stuck in my head right now.

I've been doing some very deep and insightful soul searching in the last 10 minutes, and have noticed a few troubling items. Please feel free to offer feedback/advice on any of these urgent questions.

1) Is it wrong that I looked up the season premiere of every show I love and wrote them down to be sure my DVR is properly queued up and ready to go?

2) Is it un-charitable to want to stage an intervention with someone and force them to go on Dr. Phil? Does he allow that?

3) How many Diet Cokes a day is too many?

4) Should you classify yourself as having being obsessive if you look at the same skirt and sweater online (at Boden)a minimum of 11 times a day - without actually purchasing them?

5) Is there a reason why I find ankle boots so horribly disturbing? Who exactly do these look good on? None of these women...

Oh Tyra.

It is even more concerning that these are the pressing issues I feel a need to blog about. I need therapy. And chocolate. Good land I am crabby! I think I will embrace my bad mood and have a Costco muffin. Have a sunshiney day! =)


carol said...

#1 LOVE that song (:
#2 No it is not wrong, I bought tv guide, used post its and marked all the shows to add, and double check now that I moved. as far as I am concerned its prudent!
#3 ankle boots look good on NO ONE and they are a shameful thing that should have never come back!

Carli said...

Question one: No, I think it is smart and oh so clever of you to be so prepared. I was just telling Ken last night that I need to do the same thing. Any reccomentions? I would like to see that on your blog...Micaela's fall lineup.

Question two: As long as it is not with me, I see no problem with it. :)

Question three: My rule is I need more ounces of water than of soda.

Question four: Yes.

Question five: That is so not a question. I have never understood the whole ankle boot thing and I just wish they would go away.

Ashley said...

You crack me up! Question 2- i have also wondered how to get certain people on with Phil. Question 4- guilty. One of these days i'm just gonna buy that dress i always look at. Question 5- those ugly things should be OUTLAWED!!! :) You know if they don't look good on a Super Model- they won't look good on anyone!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm answering these in order...

#1. Our Tivo just bit the dust, and we are PANICKED that we don't have the fall line up recorded yet! So I'm jealous you are prepped for next weeks good t.v. watchin!!!!

#2 No...there are some people I think Dr. Phil could help. Even me! hee hee

#3 I think two 32 oz is my max...then again, I've had days where its an ALL DIET COKE day...

#4 I agree with Carli..yes, obsessive...hee (although Boden makes some dang cute stuff)

#5 Julie and I bought ankle boots last week! She actually looks really cute in them with jeans. I am taking mine back. I have no where to wear them!

Funny post! p.s. thanks for your "ode"