Sunday, September 23, 2007

Video killed the radio star. I want my MTV.

By request (hi mom!), here is my Fall TV Viewing Schedule in grand detail.

Ratings chart:
C - For those of you looking for good clean fun only, the C is for Crass or Crude or not-Clean.
I/GP - Mind numbingly INANE, but a Guilty Pleasure, and therefore, allowed.
E - Eh. Not the greatest ever, but mildly entertaining and something to watch while I give myself a pedicure.
GT - A Good Time to be had by all.
L - Love, love, and more love.

These are the shows that will soon be booting Ammon's "Human Weapon" recordings: **Sidenote - if you ever want proof of the vast universe of differences between men and women, just look at their TV viewing preferences.

(If a date is listed, this is the premier)
Sunday 9/30 (recap on 9/23) Brothers & Sisters (ABC) E
Sunday 9/30 (recap on 9/23) Desperate Housewives (ABC) I/GP, C, GT

Monday 9/24 The Bachelor (ABC) I/GP, GT. I cannot emphasize enough how truly bad/ludicrous/insipid/ridiculous this show is, and yet, I cannot stop. Please don't make my mistake and start watching. You too will become hopelessly addicted.

Tuesdays Biggest Loser (NBC) E
Tuesday 10/2 Queer Eye (Bravo) GT, C

Wednesday 9/26 Private Practice (ABC) TBD. Leaning towards E. C?
Wednesdays Top Chef (Bravo) GT

Thursday 9/27 The Office (NBC) L, C (a wee bit)
Thursday 9/27 Grey's Anatomy (ABC) GT, C
Thursday 9/27 Ugly Betty (ABC) L
Thursdays Tim Gunn's Guide to Style (Bravo) E/GT

As for Fridays, I just cannot sit through Ghost Whisperer. I can't support a heroine who routinely looks like this:

"Hello sky. Are the aliens that kidnapped me and took my brain watching me? I miss them. My fake lashes feel floofy today. I'll think I'll have some lettuce."

Saturdays - I'm open to suggestions.

Other favorites that have been delayed because of who knows why:
Lost - (ABC) not till Feb 2008 L
Project Runway (Bravo) late 2007 L
Amazing Race (CBS) not due back until mid season - whatever that means. L

And finally, a few more ideas if you don't have enough already:

30 Rock is supposed to be really funny (Thursdays NBC 10/4).

Heroes - Monday 9/24 (NBC) I haven't gotten into this, but everyone that watches it, loves it.

Dancing with the Stars Monday 9/24 (ABC) I/GP, but occasionally entertaining.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Sunday 9/30 (ABC) - always good for a healthy cry.


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, Andy and I are going to watch the Bionic Woman. It got great reviews and I've watched a couple daytime shows (sadly) that have previewed it and said its really good! I'll let ya know! I can't believe I'm gonna watch it...

Diana Beck McCarty said...

The Office is mandatory. 30 Rock IS funny. Very funny. Patrick and I are addicted to Ghost Whisperer. We actually call her the "boobie girl" because the show seems to revolve around cleavage shots--something to bet on (how many cleavage shots per show) if you need a tv game. I actually watch so much tv I can't even remember them all.

Celeste said...

I think the only thing we'll be watching this season is The Office. Trent LOVES CSI, but I don't. If I can find something to do during that time, he'll be watching it three nights a week (Las Vegas, NY and Miami).