Thursday, September 13, 2007

**Note - this cannot be sung or read; only crooned. "If you're goinnnnng to San sure to weaaaarrrrrrr some flowers in your hair"

This is arguably the worst song ever recorded. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Friday Night Confessional:
I watched Snakes on a Plane last night..................and that's all I'm going to say about that.

As you can see, Miss Bee officially won the Halloween costume contest, and by a fairly large margin. Interesting. Wouldn't have guessed. I'm still debating between that and the Peep because the Peep is just too good. I suppose the deciding factor will be whichever costume I can find again. I have zero recollection of where I found all these costumes.

Moving on then. Marie hasn't officially tagged me to do this, but she threatened to on her blog, so I decided to beat her to the punch. =) Although - it just occurred to me that stating this on her blog might have been the official tag. Wow - I need a life.

4 jobs I've had (I too have had way more than 4):
1) Orthodontist Assistant
2) Test Proctor at the BYU testing center - seriously good times
3) Care Provider (can't remember the title) at a home for severely mentally handicapped adults
4) Treasury Management Sales Consultant (I don't know what this means either)
**Honorable mention: I spent exactly 16 minutes as a waitress at some really gross steak place in Lake Forest Park (which is now a Blockbuster), but ran away when I recognized the cook as a strange kid I knew in elementary school.

4 movies I could watch over and over:
This question caused much consternation (is that the correct use of the word? whatever). I'm sorry, but I just could not limit it to 4.
1) Pride and Prejudice (or most Jane Austen flicks)
2) Moonstruck
3) Office Space
4) Armageddon/Independence Day. And yes, I realize that this makes me appear to be the intellectual rival of a radish.
**Honorable Mentions:
Bend it Like Beckham
The Italian Job
The Joy Luck Club
Raising Arizona

Places I have lived:
1) Kenmore, WA
2) Provo, UT
3) Sun Valley, ID (sounds cooler than Boise and I did live there for 3 months)
4) Dacono, CO

Favorite TV shows:
1) The Office
3) Project Runway
4) Grey's Anatomy/Ugly Betty are a tie

4 favorite foods:
This one is interesting. The one and only difference between my list and Marie's is that I like french fries just SLIGHTLY more than mashed potatoes. However, you will of course note that fries and mashed potatoes are both...potatoes. No wonder we are friends.
1) French Fries or Mashed Potatoes
2) Diet Coke (yes, in our house this is a food group)
3) Cafe Rio salad (I don't get it very often, but it makes the top 4!!!)
4) Cake. Cake. Cake. Caveat - box cake and cheap bakery cake over fancy cake any day of the week.

4 websites I visit:
1) Ebay
2) GFY (see favorite blog list)
3) People
4) My friends blogs

4 places I'd rather be:
1) The Bahamas
2) Italy
3) Lake Louise
4) California Coast

4 old boyfriends you wonder "what in the world ever happened to ____" about:
This question was of my own making. Perhaps slightly sadistic and masochistic, but an interesting exercise. And I really hope none of them ever happen to stumble on this blog (feel free to make up code names if you feel it would be prudent).
1) Billy S.
2) John M.
3) Neal S.
4) Jay L.

Here are the three people I will tag to do this next:
1) Diana
2) Carli
3) Peggers
Hey you three - consider this your offical tagging. Because I am too blurry lazy to send you an email.


Carli said...

Glad to be tagged...
I look forward to answering these insightful questions. :)