Wednesday, March 22, 2006

29 weeks, 6 days CS = 3

La la la I am back from Tatooine! This blog has been on hiatus as Ammon and I went for a little please-come-to-our-school-so-we-can-get-more-grant-money at CU Boulder this last weekend.
I have to confess that as excited as I was to move to Colorado, I was REALLY alarmed upon landing at DIA and driving out of the airport that it actually does (as Ammon said) look like Tatooine (is there a dictionary to help us spell all words Star Wars? Probably, and how sad.). It is as brown and flat as...something really amusing. I am at a loss. I blame this partly on the pregnancy hormones and partly on not sleeping for a week, but I literally cried when we flew back in to Seattle and saw the lovely greenness of it all. I am going to have a seriously hard time on this move. Ah well. Life is change, no?

Sidenote: did you know that there are approximately 1800 country music stations in Colorado? This could prove problematic. If I start quoting Kenny Chesney lyrics as pearls of wisdom within the next year or so, would someone please stage an intervention?

On to the recap. So, while Ammon was schmoozed at CU, my skin slowly began turning into parchment due to the seriously decreased amount of humidity in the air compared to Seattle. It was like going from a very cold sauna to a dry vacuum. So I have been itching and scratching like a fiend since Friday. Argh! Is there anything more irritating? This is not just due to the dry CO weather, but the acquisition of yet ANOTHER fun and strange pregnancy related ailment: PUPPP.

If anyone is interested, PUPPP stands for: Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. Since this is totally incomprehensible, I would like to suggest the following name instead: Particularly Unacceptable and Peevishly Painful Paroxysms of Prickling. OK so I added another P. Sue me. Basically this just means that you get a crazy bad rash that will drive you mad, which there is no cure for except giving birth. Wonderful.
According to my very kind and sympathetic dermatologist, most women only get this during the last two weeks of pregnancy, but you know me...the overachiever...I just HAD to outdo everyone I know and get it at 27 weeks. Trust me, it's been a hoot. So anyway, the ridiculous dryness of Colorado has, as I mentioned, caused my skin to shrivel up like old parchment. Gross, I know, but I now have little scabs all over the place from my incessant scratching. I know, I know. I can't stop! It's like drugs! Or candy! I MUST PARTAKE OF THE SCRATCHING.

That's enough for today, but I must post one disclaimer:

**This blog is not intended to elicit sad and mournful emails/phone calls/text messages from friends and family who want to condone on my sad state of affairs. While I appreciate the thought, how many times can one respond to "so, how are you holding up?". Hence the blog. It is a way for me to let you all know that I am doing fairly wretched most of the time, but I am finding humor in the sheer and utter bizarreness of it all, which is helping to keep me sane. So what would help me most? Just tell me how hilarious you think this is and how dearly you love reading my blog. If someone else can get a laugh out of this too, that will make me feel much better than an endless stream of "I am so sorry you are going through this you poor thing what can I do I feel so bad but you will be so happy to have a baby yada yada yada".