Thursday, March 23, 2006

30 weeks. HURRAH! A milepost. CS=3/4

Ha HA! I have hit the 30's. It's a miracle I have done so without inflicting bodily injury on anyone.
Oh my land I just ate a rather large but exceptionally tasty cinammon roll from the bakery downstairs (which luckily for me is closing tomorrow) and my blood sugar is in the toilet. Would it be inappropriate to crawl under my desk and lay my head on my shred bin for a little nap post-vomit? Bird woman nutritionist would be SO disappointed in me. You can tell that I care. A lot.

So it occurred to me that what everyone probably wants to know about our Colorado trip is...did we do the deed and buy a house? Answer: yes. Well sort of. We "ordered" our house. They are going to break ground within the next week or two, and it should be done by Aug. 1 barring any acts of God - the contract actually says that.
Anyway - we got to do all the fun things like pick out our cabinets, flooring, lights, etc. etc. I have to say though, it was fun for the first hour, but on hour 4...gads. It is BAFFLING how many choices there are! "Do you want laminate countertops? If so, do you want standard, upgrade or upgraded with variation? Or tile? What kind of tile? Porcelain, slate, travertine, granite? Granite brick or slab? On the diagonal or straight? 6" or 12"? By the end, I felt like screaming JUST COVER THE WHOLE BLASTED HOUSE IN CHARMIN FOR ALL I CARE!!!
It actually really was exciting. Now if I can get over my very minor case of FREAKING OUT I'll be just jim dandy.

*Sidenote: I read my disclaimer from yesterday, and it sounds a wee snarkier than intended. Woops. Know that I love and appreciate everyone who has said nice and comforting things to me. I promise to become a much more pleasant and sane individual after the birth of this unnamed girl child. When I've had lots of sleep with a newborn. Ha!


Anonymous said...

Hey AVP, so you can't even do pregnancy right that they've got to put you on bedrest?!? Geez, what a whiner! How am I supposed to get serviced from WF now? And seriously, how am I supposed to face our love child now that you're high-tailing to Colorado? So sad - I straightaway should shroud under my desk sobbering with sorrow.